White Tribe of Pakistan Essay

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White Tribe of Pakistan

Kalash is that tribe which is found in the tribal areas of Pakistan such as Chitral and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. The first place where they settled was called Tsiam . The thing which makes them different from other groups around the world are that these are the people who were in the army of the great Alexander and were left behind and got settled in this area. They are having blonde hair, blue eyes, light skin, and are having medium heights. Their language is Khowar. The language of Kalash people is so hard that no person can learn it if they are not living with them since childhood .

There are three main festivals of Kalash people Joshi, Uchau, Caumus. What happens in Joshi is that Milk is saved before the festival milk is started saving before 10 days of the festival and on the festival day dairy products are offer and it is celebrated at the end of May each year and like this different festivals are celebrated . The thing in which I got confused was that I was reading a research paper on Kalash people and it said that while celebrating their festival they also drink wine. The Kalash people are fond of music and dancing.

One proof of that the Kalash people were left behind by Alexander the great was that Greeks usually left their dead’s in wooden coffins and Kalash people usually do the same thing these days. The place where Kalash people are living is having the highest polo ground in the world. The mountains are so high that no eagle can fly over them. Kalash people are under assault these days for example Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) is taking a free advantage of those people to increase the tourism percentage in Pakistan. Because of this rich business man have started constructions in that area by taking the land of indigenous people.

The Kalash people live a healthy and natural live so because of this there life has started getting effected by these project and tourists. Another problem is that these people are now under threat by terrorism because the terrorists have reached till Chitral. Second effect on Kalash community is that when the religion box was introduced by a Pakistani General Zia-Ul-Haq the Kalash religion wasn’t stated in that at that time so it was a problem at that time but now days no one in Pakistan follows that. Families in Kalash culture live together they usually live with their ancestors and elder people of their family.

A tribe lives together in wooden houses as you can see that in the upper picture. In Kalash tribe the work is done by men they mainly do farming. The people who live there their children can’t go to school because there are no schools in the area in which they are living. So they mainly help their parent in farming, fishing etc. According to the Kalash culture their women are free it was stated in a book written by Wynne Maggi Our Women are Free: Gender and Ethnicity in the HinduKush for example in Joshi festival women songs are played and women usually dance and there is no problem with their ancestors.

There is no third gender in Kalash culture. The religion of Kalash people is polytheism. Actually in polytheism religion the belief is in singular God. Many people in Kalash culture today also worship sun and different things. The most important thing which matters to Kalash tribe is money because in which area they live it has no schools, hospitals, supermarkets. There are no supermarkets in their area so they usually eat fruits and eat meat using hunting and farming.

Usually Kalash people are allowed get tattoos on their body because they are not Muslim’s, while they are living in Pakistan they can’t get a tattoo because there is no one who can make tattoo while living in Pakistan. Initiation ceremonies also take place in Kalash tribe for example whenever a baby is born the father gives a pack of sweets to the whole family for example a cake, or other Pakistani sweets. The dress which is mainly worn by them is colourful and is like a gaown.

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