Which is better to live in a country or in a city? Essay

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Which is better to live in a country or in a city?

There are a lot of advantages and disadvantages of living in a big city. First I would like to speak about the advantages. If you know a city you are living in quite well, you sooner or later find some positive aspects of living in it. Imagine yourself on an overcrowded street of a modern city… Imagine cars passing you by, people scurrying about… Try to picture shops open 24 hours a day and restaurants serving food from all over the world. Isn’t it attractive? I’m sure it is! Especially for people who like bright life, companies, loud music and shopping. The city is the place where all industrial cultural and educational centers are situated. There a lot of facilities: facilities for studying, leisure, travel, sports… In big cities you can find museums, theaters, clubs, cinemas ,big shops and hospitals, comfortable modern flats. People try to live in cites because all necessary objects are situated near by. For example if you get ill a hospital or a chemist’s shop will be situated near your home in the city, and if you live in the country it will be hard to find any medical help very quickly.

Also in big cites you can fiend all sorts of entertainment such as cinemas clubs entertaining parks and so on. Many people like to spend their free time in them because it helps them to relax and bring them a lot of pleasure. It is really convenient that everything you need in daily life is situated near you. One of the most important comforts of big cites is that you can fast get everywhere you like by underground, bus, trolley bas. Also in big cities there is electricity therefore you can use electrical devices such as TV sets, computers, radio, microwave own, refrigerators and so on. One more thing, without which it would be impossible to live today is the telephone and where there is a telephone there is also Internet. The connection has huge value in the life of people and we have got used to it to such extent , that it there is no telephone we feel uncomfortable and lonely.

Also you can find a good job and you can get a good pay for it. Unfortunately, everything that is good has its back. Over-population is the major problem. At rush hour public transport is overcrowd and it is even hard to breath, the streets are crowed too. There are too many cars in big cities and it leads to huge traffic jams, so it takes a long time to get home from work and backwards. Also there are a lot of accidents in the streets.

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