Which bathroom tissue is most biodegradable Essay

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Which bathroom tissue is most biodegradable

One of the most important aspects of today’s consumer durable products is environment friendliness. It could be stated that “biodegradable product has the ability to break down, safely and relatively quickly, by biological means, into the raw materials of nature and disappear into the environment. ” (Worldwise, 2007) It should be remembered that with developing consciousness in relation to more greener and cleaner earth environment friendliness of a product is fast becoming the chief component of sales. In case of bathroom tissues such measures are also applicable and thus it is important to evaluate the most biodegradable bathroom tissues.

One of the most important market segments in relation to bathroom tissues is occupied by the Kimberly Clerk Company. Their product is narrated as “100% Biodegradable” in their company brochure of 2006. (KCC Product Brochure, 7) Though this company is a much esteemed manufacturer of bathroom tissues it should be stated that this company uses extra fine tissues for the benefit of the customers. But it should be remembered in this context that in the parameters of biodegradability it is essential that the fibers used in the products are thicker and not finer. A thicker fiber is easily biodegradable in nature compared to the finer ones.

(Lamb, 241) But as an esteemed company the company has used environment friendly chemicals in its tissues to make it biodegradable completely. It should be mentioned in this context that the products of this company would thus be completely biodegradable although it may take a longer period. But if only the customer satisfaction is added along with biodegradability KCC would obviously be the first choice. However, it is important to compare KCC products with other products available too and find out the most biodegradable bathroom tissue that is also fast as KCC fails in this aspect.

Such a product is AquaSoft by Thetford. It is true that this product is lacking the esteem and popularity of KCC toilet Tissues but purely from the point of view of environment friendliness and biodegradability this product would score higher points. This is because they hardly use any chemicals used and it is a fast biodegradable. The chief reason behind this is that it uses a high amount of thick fibers and thus making it healthy but not necessary comfortable for the users as KCC. (Adams, 112) However, purely from the point of view of a biodegradable commodity AquaSoft by Thetford would easily be a prime preference.

It must be mentioned in this context that apart from being biodegradable it is very helpful in breaking down toilet papers and wastes with the help of an odor that is used as a control of waste treatment and is present in a concentrated form. (Adams, 113) It should be mentioned in this context that there are several products of the same criteria that can come close to the parameters of AquaSoft by Thetford and most of them are quite nice to use along with its components of biodegradability.

Some of these products are SCA Tissues, Coleman Toilet Paper, Bathroom tissues of Rochester Midland, Premium Toilets of Krystal and Toilets and personal protections by Motosport. (NexTag, 2007) Another interesting product is Reliance Bio Tissue and this bathroom tissue “breaks down in waste water quickly”. (Safety Central, 2007) It should be mentioned in the conclusion that all the companies in the bathroom tissue market present some extra points over the other. For example Coleman Toilet Paper is helpful as clogging resistant and Bathroom tissues of Rochester Midland uses no dye or perfume though all of them are effective biodegradable.

(Fletcher, 76-77) But after evaluating all these products it can be safely stated that the Bathroom Tissues of Thetford, particularly AquaSoft, is the most biodegradable. Reference: Adams, E; Bathroom Basics; Dunedin: Alliance Publications; 2006 Fletcher, R; Beauty Industry: Beliefs and Knowledge; Believing and Knowing. Auckland: Howard & Price. 2005 KCC Product Brochure: 2006; Visions; Durban: WestHam Publishers; 2006 Lamb, Davis; Cult to Culture: The Development of Civilization on the Strategic Strata. Wellington: National Book Trust.

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