Where You Go To Achieve Your Fitness Desires Essay

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Where You Go To Achieve Your Fitness Desires

Situated, and being the sole tenant at the top-most floor of a 40-story building, Feat to Fit enjoys the freedom of its location. It is around a thousand square meter facility with various fitness machines in various corners of the facility. The wall is made of glass panels where men and women doing their fitness activities, unassisted or not, have the freedom to look at the clear view of the city laid out before them at the foot of the building or somewhere far so long their eye sight can reach the view.

The center itself is situated in the middle of the building as there is a terrace portion on all four corners of the building. Anyone can enjoy the fee sunlight after their shower or pass a few minutes drinking iced-tea or some refreshments right after they have burned out some calories. There are adjustable gazebos (it can be closed or opened as umbrellas).

There is a little bar inside offering drinks to the always thirsty Feat to Fit clients. There are 12 shower rooms, 3 each in every corner of the facility. At the entrance, there is the lobby, where drinking and reading and watching the fitness center’s wide LCD screen (approximately 60 inches wide) that’s always tuned in a sports channel. That’s where the reception lady and/or guy always busy herself or himself with the customers or some administrative tasks.

From the ground floor, the Feat to Fit center can be accessed through 2 possible options of taking elevator, one arriving at the side (minor) entrance of the center and another stopping right in front of the main entrance where the reception is. At the south of the entrance (across it), there is the stairway, another option to use in order to reach or leave the center. There is a fire exit near this stair.

Below, the property is mixed residential-commercial. I wonder why this was possible but it was already this mix when Feat to Fit opened in this location. It was blessing in disguise though as there are a lot of both residential tenants and office employees using the center now.

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