Where to Implement the Grant Funds Essay

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Where to Implement the Grant Funds

The Keystone Police Department aims to develop a particular unit that will look closely and attend to cases in relation to domestic violence. This also aims to create a new system that is responsive to the needs of victims of domestic abuse. The conventional approach used by many police departments is ineffective and no longer worked (“Domestic Abuse Response Team: D. A. R. T. ”, n. d. ). Part of the plan is utilizing the granted funds to the police department to enhance the efficiency in addressing the domestic violence cases.

The department would need to purchase various tools and equipment in order to make this possible. First, the Keystone Police Department will hire good computer programmers that will create a viable database and system that will respond to the calls in relation to domestic violence. The department aims to acquire a number of telephones to develop a hotline where people can direct their calls to this special unit of the police. The department will also purchase computers and will create workstations where the police officers can work on.

All of the files and information will be stored in a secured database that keep the record and can also be used as reference to other cases. Through this, the department advocates for going paperless as it was noted that 178 million trees in the United States in 2004 only (Paulson, 2005). The telephones and computers will be purchased to the bidder or supplier who will win the public bidding for the equipment that is needed to make the plan possible. The utilization of public bidding is to avoid malicious and suspicious intents and anomalies that the funds are utilize in non-departmental causes.

All of the transactions will go through public bidding and consultation. The fund will also be used in funding financial assistance for the victims of domestic violence and to provide everything they need while their case is still ongoing. References Domestic Abuse Response Team: D. A. R. T. (n. d. ). City of Lakeland. Retrieved from http://www. lakelandgov. net/lpd/specialprogs/dart. html. Paulson, R. (2005). Green Procurement Requirements and the Use of 100% Post Consumer Fiber Paper. Organization: NADEP North Island; Environmental Program Office.

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