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Where is Herculaneum located?

What are some of the challenges that archeologists face when examining the city of Herculaneum? How do you think the archeological investigation of Herculaneum relates to forensic anthropology? In what ways are similar techniques and processes used in both of these situations? What is surprising about the ruins in Herculaneum? How is this different than Pompeii? How do archeologists know that other people have been to the ruins in Herculaneum before them? What were the people searching for? What dangers did they face? How did the bodies in Herculaneum differ from those in Pompeii? Do you think it would be interesting to work on a site like Herculaneum to discover what happened? Why or why not? How would this work differ from a traditional crime scene?


1. The city is by Pompeii, it was hit by a volcano called Vesuvius. 2. It is important because it is society that scientists can out together, they have what they need. 3. The scientists do have some issues like the decay and the city falling apart.

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4. They are both the same because they are finding out the full story of what happened, and who the bodies belong too. 5. In Pompeii the remains are destroyed but in Herculaneum the bodies are in great condition. 6. The scientists found holes from robbers, and they could die from rock slides. 7. In Herculaneum most of the bodies disintegrated but in Pompeii they were preserved. 8. Yes even though it is dangerous it would be interesting to work at the site it goes way back so it is different from what most forensic scientists do but it would still be fun.

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