Where did you get that book from?

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Mala hugged Kavita and Kavita sighed in relief. Her little sister had scared her really badly. Now she could completely concentrate on her song. The programme began and soon Mala forgot about her dream, but as soon as Kavita entered the stage, Mala froze in horror. She could clearly see her dream in reality. She closed her eyes so that she couldn’t see anything that was going to happen. But soon she heard her sister’s melodious voice. Nothing had happened.

Kavita was fine. Mala sighed in relief. Finally the song got over and Kavita walked towards the green room. Suddenly her foot struck something and she heard a crack.

The wood below her cracked open and in she fell below the stage. The audience were shocked to hell initially, then there was noise everywhere. Mala was shocked but she reacted quickly, she ran to the stage and lay down to pull up Kavita. Soon others too started to help her and finally they got Kavita out of the hole.

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She wasn’t hurt much, she was just in shock. Her father took her to the hospital and within an hour she was fine as before. When she regained consciousness, she searched for Mala. Mala stood beside her with a trophy in her hand. “So Ms. Singer, how are you feeling? “, she asked.

“I am fine”, she managed to mutter. “So here is your trophy, you won the competition. You defeated Priti this time”, she said proudly. “Yeah, Mala, what you said came true”, she said.

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“Shh! Don’t say a word about that, it was a mere coincidence. I don’t want you to tell this to anyone”, Mala said. “Fine, I won’t tell it to anyone. Are you sure it was a coincidence? “, she asked. Mala wasn’t sure whether what she said was true or not, whether she believed that it was a mere coincidence, but she just didn’t want anyone to know about it. In a few days Kavita was back home and life went on as before.

“Hi Mala, you play badminton really well”, Nakul said , running after Mala in the court. “Thanks! You are the champion and you are complimenting me”, she blushed. Mala had been a fan of Nakul since the time she had seen him playing. He had been her inspiration and he was the reason she was playing badminton in the first place. She really liked him, but had never got the courage to talk to him. And today she was astonished to see him come and talk to her. “You are a champion too, you should really participate in the junior badminton competition this year”, he said. “Really you think so? “, she asked. “Yeah sure!

You are good, believe me”, he said giving her a slight pat on her shoulder. “Would you help me? “, she asked. “Sure girl! I would love that. See you tomorrow at four, I will be waiting”, he said. “Thanks, I will surely come”, she smiled. A current ran through her body and suddenly she was in the seventh heaven. She ran home, smiling all the way. She usually told Kavita everything, but she had never told her that she had a crush on Nakul. That day she was so happy and Kavita wondered what had happened to her sister. Later that night Mala slept thinking of Nakul. But soon she was having another dream.

Kavita was all alone in the room, she was reading a novel “Accident by Daniel Steel”. Suddenly someone entered the room and Kavita looked up and smiled and then went back to the book. Then the other person spoke something, she couldn’t see the face of the other person. Kavita looked shocked, she too spoke something but nothing could be heard. Suddenly the other person took out something gleaming from a bag, a blue coloured bag with the picture of Snow White in it. Kavita lay on the bed with blood all over her. Mala got up completely drenched in sweat. She looked over at Kavita, she was sleeping peacefully.

Mala was shaking badly, she got up to drink a glass of water, but she dropped more water than she drank. She lay on the bed once again thinking about the dream. What was happening? Who was the person who entered the room? What was that gleaming object? What had happened to Kavita? And that novel Kavita was reading, she had never seen that in here life. She had never seen Kavita reading that. Maybe it was just a dream! But what did that mean? Thinking that she dozed off once again. In the morning Mala thought of telling Kavita about he dream, but she didn’t want to worry her. The day passed on uneventfully.

Mala was eagerly waiting for the clock to strike four. She was shivering in excitement. She couldn’t believe her luck that Nakul was going to teach her. She ran all the way through to the court and gasped in surprise that Nakul had already arrived. She walked up to him. “Hi, I guess I am late”, she said. “No, I am early. Actually I have never coached anyone before, so I am a bit nervous”, he said. “You and nervous! I thought I was the one who was nervous”, she said. “You are nervous! Why is that? “, he asked. “If the champ is teaching you then you have to get nervous”, she said. “Please don’t call me a champ, I am just ok”, he smiled.

She laughed. “Let’s start”, he said. And soon they got off playing. Nakul was really good and Mala wasn’t bad either. Nakul was really impressed by some of her shots. After an hour of playing they took a short rest. “You are really good, Mala”, he said. “Thanks”, she blushed. “You are blushing, you really look cute when you blush”, he smiled. She couldn’t believe her ears. She merely looked at him, looking puzzled. “Sorry, did I embarrass you? “, he asked. “No, I was just surprised that you would say something like that”, she said. “Why? Can’t I appreciate a beautiful girl? “, he asked. “Nakul!

Let’s start the play”, she said shyly. They started the game again. They played for another hour and then he called it off for the day. “That was a great game, I really enjoyed it”, he said. “Yeah same here, it was fun”, she smiled. “Would you like to play with me daily? “, he asked. “Yeah, that would be great”, she looked startled. “So will meet you tomorrow at four”, he said. “Yeah”, she managed to mutter and ran all the way back to her house. She had really started to like Nakul a lot. It had been three years she had watched Nakul and this was the first time she had come in contact with him and she was really excited.

That night again she had the same dream about Kavita and she again got up drenched in sweat. This was really scary now, this dream was something really serious and she didn’t want anything to happen to Kavita. But she kept her fears to herself. The next day dawned. School was really boring. When she came back home, Kavita had already come back from the college. She was lying on the bed reading a novel, as usual. Mala tiredly sat on her bed and looked at Kavita. She gasped in shock. Kavita was reading “Accident by Daniel Steel”. “Where did you get that book from? “, Mala asked.

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