"Where Are You Going, Where Have You Been" Analysis Of Connie

We can see that Connie knows she is pretty, and to her looks are everything. Connie’s Vanity affect her interactions because she is not able to move away from it. Connie knows she look good. Because of this confidence she is more inclined to the boys that are willing to pay attention to her. . For example, After Arnold Friend said Connie was cute, she was flattered and she changed because of the compliment. It’s like that just made her feel even more special.

Or even when Eddie paid attention to her, she was happy to follow him. Connie’s Vanity is where she is able to look and see all of her beauty. It’s like it is where she confirms it all.

Connie wants her father there for protection and did not want it to be him when Arnold Friend’s was pulling in. When she realized it was someone else ( the boy) it made her happy. Connie was enjoying the time without her father.

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It was not until that boy made a threat to her that she longed for her father because she wanted him to save her and shield her from the threats. This is situational irony. Connie wants things to go her way. Things did not go the way Connie expected when the boy threatened her so she longed for her dad. Connie wanted her dad to put her in a safe place but she only wanted him when it was convenient for her.

Connie’s father doesn’t play a big role because he is there to help when Connie needs him.

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Connie’s mother on the other hand can see something is wrong and don’t want to find out how to help Connie. It’s like Connie’s mom just let her be. Connie did not feel the love needed from her family which put her in a position where she is almost looking to be validated by any boy paying attention. Connie was looking for love in all of the wrong places. Arnolds Friend had a criminal history and was not the one that should have been around to even show attention to this 15 year old girl. This is what Connie need her parents more. So overall the lack of family support contributed heavily to Connie’s down fall. Sadly we see similar situations today in single parent households or where the parents are just to busy to act on the warning signs when there are issues going on with their child.

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