When presenting Paul the author composed the two girls were

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When presenting Paul, the author composed, "...the two girls were playing dolls." Then, the author composed, "...charging madly into space." This shows an interesting contrast for the introduction of Pual's desire for luck and the kindness and naive of the girls. Dramatic irony additionally appears in the story. From the outset, Paul just needed the luck to satisfy his mom, yet his desire for luck end being his misfortune. The author also present symbolism in the story, "There must be more money!" This statement shows money is an important symbol in the story, it symbolizes the mother's affection, or lack towards her kids, and how was never be sufficient of it.

The dark and gloomy house is also a symbol. In the story, it represents sadness and it demonstrates that the characters are depressed. Similar to the dark house, the house talking is the fundamental symbol in this story. The house says, "more money," demonstrates that the characters are being perplexed in light of the fact that they don't have a lot of money.

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Another device author use was metaphor. In the story, Paul's eyes show obviously the enthusiasm and damaging tendency which lies behind much of their appearances, "His eyes were blue fire." From the start, this power appears supporting, giving Paul uncommon capacities, however, we discover that the flame is likewise flaming him out until he gets mad and dies.

The story is an irony of capitalism, an economic system that maintains avarice and money. As indicated by the story, this covetousness harms everything, distorting every single human relationship.

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The mother can't love her kid or her husband. This story irony the greedy of money since it handicaps a feeling of fulfillment in individuals' lives. In a capitalistic system, individuals can never have enough cash. The house is continually affected by whisper, demonstrating the steady stresses individuals suffer on the grounds that they're greedy to urge them to live outside their methods. Paul attempts to mitigate these feelings of dread through work that fund-raises. He crazily rides his rocking horse, which secretly gives him the learning of forthcoming horse race victors, which empowers him to bet and win cash. Despite the fact that Paul wins bunches of cash, his mom can stupidly waste it quicker than he can make it. So Paul must keep on riding so as to wager, and this, at last, prompts his demise. This story shows the condition of the oppressed workers who were really forced to work themselves to death to create wealth for big businesses that were never satisfied with their results.

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When presenting Paul the author composed the two girls were
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