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when death occurs

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Notify appropriate authorities to confirm the death of your loved one, this is required by law in Ghana irrespective of your cultural or religious beliefs. Depending on where and how the death occurred the following can be a helpful guide:

A) When it occurs at a health facility:

Inform appropriate personnel of the death. They will begin the confirmation processes as required.

B) When it occurs at home:

If the deceased was bedridden with an illness and was under the care of family members and a health facility in the knowing, contact the personnel of the health facility who had been aware of the situation and follow their instructions.

C) When death unexpectedely occurs anywhere other than a health facility

Notify your local or the nearest police station and follow their instructions.

D) When a foreign national national dies in Ghana:

Notify the appropriate consulate, embassy or High Commission (Diplomatic missons) and follow instructions. Visit us:

Notify appropriate relatives and family members both maternal and paternal

Begin the process of notifying the appropriate relatives and family members immediately since nothing meaningful can be done or agreed upon without the external family (maternal or paternal) irrespective of their circumstance.

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Remember, this a cultural obligation and its mandatory. Once death has been confirmed, all processes from this point are done by, for and on behalf of the family by the family head who becomes the automatic chief mourner. It may seem odd and uncomfortable at times, however, it’s our way – Ghanaian culture and must be handled with great diligence and compromise.

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There are certain rituals and traditions to be adhered to and be led by them in aiding the passage of a loved one journey into the ancestral world.

Notify appropriate religious, neighborhood and community leaders

A Ghanaian funeral is a multi-facet ceremony involving different beliefs and traditions working together towards a befitting farewell to the departed soul and supporting the surviving bereaved family. These interest groups play critical roles in helping the grieving processes as well as meeting each of the directly affected – maternal, paternal, spouse families and the children who may have different mothers. A Ghanaian funeral is community owned but led by the bereaved family; therefore, It is important for you to recognize these bodies as needful rather than intrusive. These religious and community leader’s input is always needed in setting a location and time for burial and funeral rites.

Notify associates, colleagues, and close friends.

Informing friends and colleagues immediately can be helpful in so many ways in your preparation towards burial and final funeral rites of your departed loved one. It helps in your healing process. Making a deliberate effort to contact them as soon as possible is needful. If you are overwhelmed by events it’s understandable just visit us: and we will handle it on your behalf

Plan for children and elderly care givers

Consider neighbors, friends and family members who can offer support in taking care of the children and the elderly if any. You can also seek for professional care givers from appropriate agencies and persons. Visit us:

Funeral Pre-Planning Pack

Locating and sharing your loved one’s funeral pre-planning pack information can be helpful to all stakeholders. Not only will it avoid s

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