What’s wrong with racism? Essay

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What’s wrong with racism?

Racism is a moral mistake that almost can found everywhere. The most well known situation should be the combat among black and white in United States, which has last for over 40 years. In the following passage, I will discuss why racism is morally wrong and the how the preferential affirmative for the black people now is morally justified.

First of all, let me first define what is racism. Racism is a belief that all members of each race possess characteristics, abilities, or qualities specific to that race, especially so as to distinguish it as inferior or superior to another race or races. That means certain groups such as black people and Indian, were being treated discriminatingly and consider as “inferior” because of their skin colour, and they may be denied for admission of school or application of a job because of this, which is definitely has no relative relationship to their ability towards the job or the level of their knowledge. So, why racism is consider as morally wrong? Since people were discriminated by race, others do not consider their ability by their relevance of a talent or characteristic or skill to the place of a job or admitting to a college. This totally not a fair to just a person’s ability by their race, because the race of a person is biological factor and can not be chosen. For example, not to admit a black student with good result but admit a white student with fair result is unjust, because we should consider admitting the student or not based on their academic result but not their skin colour.

We should consider people deserve the place or not based on the relative skills or talent and skin colour is definitely irrelevant in most of the situation. Besides, some of the people were under justified by the general characteristics of their race group but not individual achievement. Let me give a simple metaphor, men are usually stronger than women, but some women are strong then men. Therefore, we can not define all men are strong then women. Similarly, we can not consider all black people are thief if only one black people commit the crime. We should just the people individually rather than just them based on the general characteristics or minor case of the race. Therefore, based on the above points, racism is morally wrong and unfair to some group of people. Secondly, I will talk about the preferential affirmative action for the black people now morally justified or not. As information, I would first talk about what is preferential affirmative action. In terms of justice, affirmative action should consider as the compensation to the black people, because they were discriminated.

Black people were harmed by white people in the past, so now the affirmative action is to giving preferential and privileges to them, such as admitting black people to the university in advance or employing them for the government jobs, in order to repair the wrongs which was made. Since stop discrimination is not enough, there is no way to solve the problem unless giving them more opportunity in order to make black people in a more equal social status to the white people, affirmative action is a better way to make them equal again. For example, since black people usually do not have good primary education, they can not meet the requirement of admission to high education institution, therefore, most of the professionals are white. If the college perform affirmative action in order to admit more black people to become professionals, the general social status of black would be raised, and break the vicious circle of white people being in upper social group. The vicious affirmative action not only speed up the process of society being equal, and also help the black people with high potential have a chance to exert their ability, since they were only disadvantaged for historical reasons. Therefore, the affirmative action help to achieve the ultimate goal, giving equality environment between different races and also help to stop the discrimination among different group of people. As a result, I think the preferential affirmative action for the black people is consider as morally justified.

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