What’s a Mail Merge? Essay

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What’s a Mail Merge?

Mail merge is the process of integrating the raw data from a list (e.g. a list of individuals with tax liens), with a standard letter, so the end result is one custom letter per client, containing that particular client’s individual information from that list. There are many benefits in doing a mail merge, such as:

•Each client receives a custom letter with their name, address, and other related information (e.g. amount of tax lien and type of tax lien) printed on the letter.
•Mail merged letters are more professional and friendly since they don’t portray mass mailings, which are usually ignored by most people.
•Client’s name, address (including a delivery bar code) is printed right on the letter, so there is no need to print mailing labels if you use window envelopes.
•Special programs could be built into your mail merge letter to make your letters even more friendly.

Advantages of mail merge

•No need for expensive letterhead: Printing letters on company letterhead may appear much more professional and attractive, but this can become very expensive. We can create a letterhead that is identical to your company letterhead and insert this into your merged letters. Therefore the merged letters and company letterhead will print as one letter on blank paper. We suggest printing on “Bond” paper for a more professional appearance, as opposed to regular copy paper. To create your letterhead you simply email us your company logo and any graphics. The logo must be emailed to us in a graphics file such as a “jpeg” or a “tif” file. We can NOT accept logos on paper or fax. If your letterhead contains uncommon fonts, we suggest sending us a copy of your font file, so we may reproduce identical results. A good quality laser printer is essential in achieving good results for this feature.

•No need to sign each letter: You may also choose to have your signature embedded into your merged letters, so there is no need to sign each letter individually. Your signature will be printed on each letter in your specified area. You may send us your signature via fax or email, and we will insert your signature into your letter.

•More friendly letters: Certain programs could be written to enhance the warmth and friendliness of your letters. If your letter is targeting a business you may want to consider the salutation “Dear business owner”, and if you are targeting consumers you may consider the salutation to contain the individual’s first and last name.

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