What Will Happen if the School Is All Year Round

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I always wondered what it would be like if we had school all year round. But then when I really have time to think about it, I realize I would not have a summer break. Witch means no long vacations in the warm summer with your family. In my opinion, I would rather have regular school just like it is now, because “ Children in year-round schools would not be able to participate in sports teams or programs that operate in the summertime.

” A good reason is that “ Its more efficient use of school space because otherwise, buildings are unoccupied during the summer.”

I mean, parents might want to spend time with their kids over the summer break cause, they get to see them at night and the few weeks once they get out of school. “ Summer is usually long so that students can finally recuperate.” It could be hard on parents cause students may be on a different schedule. If they have year-round schools it would change the price by about ten percent.

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And “ kids will have to miss out on all the summer camps and fun stuff like that as well like the sports and vacations.” Kids in high school have jobs during the summer to pay for college. They would have to work during summer to keep that job and the money they get doing it. It would not be fair for the kids who want to have a school with summer breaks and weeks off of holidays.

This statement matters cause of specific causes, like students, can’t keep their grades up all year.

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Then the year after that they have to do it all over again and again. This shows some students struggle and most teachers can’t help them, and when that happens the child may not get any credit for college that he/she may need. Children in high school, or even middle school and elementary, may struggle and not learn as much as the other students do. Mabey their brain works in many different ways, and nobody can help that the fact some kids don’t learn properly like others.

Most parents struggle because of their children failing classes or even grade levels. This means they push them harder at home and make them struggle to get done at school all day, and each day. This matters to moms and dads cause they don’t want their children to get bad grades and not go to college, and graduate has a good life, a good job, and a good record and credit score at their school. A student who get a good score in their grade gets to go on to the next, and others stay behind cause they can’t keep their grades up all year round each year, and especially can’t do it under all the pressure the parents put on them at home. We can all solve this problem by not thinking about changing school to year-round, or not making programs think about why the way they have to change it.

In conclusion, my statement was to help the kids at regular schooling, to not change to year-round schooling cause of all the consequences it has to do with, and why regular schooling is better for most kids.

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