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What was important to women in the past Essay

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In the early 20’s, things like getting married at an early age while you were still at your prime, building a family, buying a house with a “white picket fence” were important. Then in the 30’s, getting married and having a family was still the most important thing, but also perhaps becoming a socialite and presenting a good imaging. *NOTE: It may be important to note that women were always expected to ‘keep up appearances’ or be perfect and project the right image. At this point, having a career was relatively not important In the 60’s is when women started getting out there and looking for jobs.

Although having a family/husband was still important, women started getting jobs. However, the jobs they were getting were not like the men’s – they mostly had jobs like secretaries, teachers, nurses (jobs that have become stereotypical. ) As time progressed, the importance of having a career and being independent grew among women. We definitely saw this in the early ’80’s with women starting to break into the business world. The importance of this to women was shown in movies and music of the ’80s. Even in fashion, we started seeing women dressing like men – I. e.

blazers, pants instead of skirts, ties… careers, independence, and equality became even more important. During the ’90’s and up until today, women still find family important, but they recognize that personal stability, independence, education and your career are #1. * NOTE – We see this belief in magazines like Cosmopolitan magazine as images as successful working women are portrayed. -women don’t care as much of the image they should portray as much as in the past – even though the pressure to do so is still there. -now women look for things like pay equality.

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-in the future, I think career will be even more important, in addition to making money. -this ambition can, in turn, only be good for the economy because women will get into the usually male dominated fields that usually pay the most – women will be able to generate more money for companies. Past/ Present/ Future opportunities women had/will have (edu. /jobs/to make money. ) In the past, definitely, women were not expected or encouraged to continue their education after high school; therefore, their opportunities were limited. Nonetheless, the chance to go to school was still available as far back as the ’20’s.

Career-wise, even if a women did go to university, for example, she was expected to take the jobs for women, like a teacher. There were hardly any female doctors, scientists, lawyers… In that sense, those opportunities were limited. Obviously more educational and career opportunities have risen over the decades. Now there are chances for everyone. BUT, some stereotypes still exist of, “women not belonging in the tech world. ” That may limit possibilities of advancement. In the future though will change because we’ve already stared to see it happen – slowly but surely.

Progress Development Report When we first started our task list of the things we wanted to talk about in our I. S. U. we decided to include the following points: women’s roles at home, their roles in society, what was important to them, how did they make money, their knowledge of the work force, education/opportunities, knowledge of innovations, and obstacles to overcome. However, as we thought about how we were going to organize this so that it would flow coherently and be interesting to read, we decided to focus on one task point and pull other ideas from our other points that would correlate.

We decided to select the question, “What was important to women then, what is important to them now, and what will be important to them in the future? ” By doing this, we can accurately create a comparison of how their roles at home and in society have changed by revealing women’s changing priorities. Also through personal accounts, statistics, historical findings from books and the internet, we will “set the stage”, or describe what was going on at the time to answer the other questions like the obstacles women had to overcome ( ie.Unequal pay ), or education and opportunities (ie. The growth of their opportunities or lack their of. )

Our group decided to answer the question of what women find important to not only present the project in a more interesting way and not just report the information, but to make it more personal. So far, we have had success in our change in organization for we are finding it much easier to systematize the information and that is, in turn, making our assignment all the better.

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