What the Writer Thought of the Event Essay

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What the Writer Thought of the Event

Basically, what the writer of Providence Journal’s editorial made about the event is a commending write-up about the turn of events in Woodstock from a budding catastrophe , to an “incredible agglomeration of nearly half a million souls [that] was peaceful, cute, above all safe” (Providence Journal, 1969). In the first paragraphs of the article, the writer artfully narrated how initially, the event was perceived to be a negative thing on the rise by both the common people and those who had media power, especially by newspaper editors who were determined to show the world a catastrophe out of the event.

Such negativism was reinforced by the mess that the rains made out of the concert site in the form of overcrowded people in puddles of mud and all the inhumane conditions that came out of it. However, the paragraphs that followed talked about the surprising turn of events “as cooler heads and objective reporting began to emerge” (Providence Journal, 1969). Things ended up better, and the hippies were back. The writer was notably quick to the note that the “hippies” being pertained to were not the bad ones, but were instead those whom “everybody used to know and love” (Providence Journal, 1969).

Given these, the writer made an appeal to the minds of the readers of his generation, composed of the parents of the Woodstock youths, to view the event as something good. He acknowledged the fact that more than the incredulous prevalence of drugs and nudity in the event, was the fact that the youths have been successful in staging their amazing togetherness peacefully. In the last two paragraphs of the article, the writer calls attention to the fact that “there is a moral to be gleaned” from Woodstock.

The moral is that such a feat created by half a million youths was achieved as a “function of benevolent happenstance,” which is something that they, the parents of the hundred thousands youths, could look up to, if they would only “think about it” (Providence Journal, 1969). Such was the explicit message of the Providence Journal editor with regards to Woodstock, a positive appraisal of the youths conduct, as well as a call to the elders of the nation to perceive the event with the same commending attitude.

A. What America Thought of the Event Clearly cut in this editorial article were the two phases of how America perceived the event that was Woodstock. In the first two paragraphs of the editorial, it was depicted that the rest of America perceived the event to be a disaster that could go even bigger. Proof of this claim lies in the constant warnings of radio stations for people to leave the event if they were there and to not push going there if they were planning to, as reported in the Journal’s article.

Newspaper editors were also portrayed to have awaited a catastrophe out of the event, and as it is, what newspapers write reflects how the people perceive things. However, the succeeding paragraphs depicted a seeming change in the American sentiment over Woodstock. Though there have been no concrete quotations in the article about people’s positive reaction towards the event, what the writer expressed as an opinion could have mirrored what the rest of America might have also been thinking. One, the hippies are back and it’s a lovely and loveable thing, as the flowers all around.

Two, the event should be seen, more than the nudity and drugs, as a triumphant and previously unimaginable gathering of half a million youths through a “benevolent happenstance. ” And this, aside from being something to be amazed of and looked up to, is something that could have been seen by the people of America as a feat worthy of respect and emulation. In as much as America has been shocked by the fact that drugs and “obscenity” have become a commonplace for the youth of the nation, it has also been “astonished” that the youth could achieve such a feat.

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