What the World Really Needs Essay

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What the World Really Needs

Have you ever experienced the frustrating moment when you were at a restaurant and needed the waiter to ask for a refill or the check and you had to wait ten minutes before he or she actually came? That frustration will all end with the No Wait Waiter. It will work so easily that when you press the button the waiter will come as soon as possible. People will benefit from this because when you press the No Wait Waiter your waiter will be notified and come to your assistance without you blood pressure going up. The No Wait Waiter will be a little button at both sides of the table and when you press it your waiter will receive a text message stating that your table is in need of some assistance. This is the way of dinning for the future. The No Wait Waiter will be at every restaurant, diner, and bar around the world.

It will be criteria to have one of these at your food joint or else you will be fined and closed. The No Wait Waiter will definitely benefit people around the world. It will safe people a lot of time because they won’t be spending ten minutes waiting for their waiter to come. It will also safe people a lot of hair pulling, moaning, and anger because you won’t be wasting precious time in your life. Waiters will also benefit from this invention because they will most likely get a better tip for coming to the customers assistance as soon as possible.

The No Wait Waiter will also benefit the restaurant because people would be seated and leave faster so more people can dine their. This will help American families because this will be made in America and hire Americans so this would lower the unemployment rate in this country. In conclusion the No Wait Waiter is definitely something the world is in need of. My invention will work in a way that anyone could use it. People will definitely benefit from the No Wait Waiter. Lets hope that this invention becomes a reality so I personally won’t continue to get frustrated when waiting for my waiter to come.

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