What the Germans Did In WW2 

WW2 started because of one person, Hitler. Before WW2 started Germany was in a major depression because of their defeat in WW1. The German people were looking for a solution to get out of debt, then a man with a goofy mustache came along and told the people a way to get out of debt. This man formed the Nazi party and blamed the hardships that the Germans were facing on the Jewish people. After Hitler became the chancellor and later made himself the dictator, he built up infantry divisions, tank divisions, and the Luftwaffe.

Compared to most countries the German army was much more advanced, and had bigger numbers. To add a cherry on top they had strong allies in the start including Russia, Italy, and the Empire of Japan. Germany’s role in WII can be highlighted by the Germans’ main battle tactic, the Holocaust, and what led to their demise.

Germany used a method called blitzkrieg, which was made by Heinz Guderian which proved to be very effective in Europe.

Blitzkrieg was a tactic that was designed to disrupt the enemy with lightning fast attacks, that resulted in them taking most of Europe in a short span of time. This battle tactic preserved lives and limited the use of artillery fire. The way they performed this was by using tanks, infantry, and air. These three depended on each other to succeed in battle. Blitzkrieg was an unstoppable force in Europe and some countries were defeated in a few days, but it had one major downfall, fuel.

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Keeping the tanks and air fueled and well equipped was a very daunting task. If just one part failed it could result in catastrophic losses for the Germans. All the forces also had to be on radio for effective communication among their units. This excellent communication between the three units resulted in mass confusion among the enemy as the units were in such unison. Blitzkrieg worked for almost all of the German assaults until they attacked Mother Russia, and ran out of fuel. The tanks started to break down and with the soldiers ill equipped they were turned back and everything came crashing down. Most if not all of their forces were out of fuel and were forced to turn back. With this major loss to the Germans they had to play defense and lost the war years later.

A large portion of the losses in WW2 are contributed to the infamous event known as the Holocaust. The Holocaust also called the Shoah, was one major thing… genocide. In 1933 the population of Jews in Europe was about over 9 million. By 1945 almost two thirds of all of those Jews were exterminated which was a part of the final solution. The reason why the Jews were targeted the most was because the Germans viewed them as the main danger to Germany. Even then the Jews weren’t the only target for genocide others included gypsies, slavs, and gays. At least 250000 thousand were murdered in the program called Euthanasia Program. Some countries lost up to ninety percent of all of their Jewish inhabitants. Hitler’s reason for this was to remove all of the “impurities” from this world and only the pure Germans shall remain. Millions of people were gassed, shot, and sent to concentration camps for forced labor. They were starved and beaten to death. Jewish people were also forced to wear a golden star to people would know not to help them or beat them up. Hitler also decided to make laws that prohibit a non “pure” to access things that would help out a lot like transportation limited shopping time, where they could shop, and they can only marry a “non pure.” Finally the German’s also wouldn’t let Jews from running businesses and things like sports.

The Germans did well at the start of WW2 so what caused the fall of the Germans? Stay tuned, when we dive into that question, it will make your mind explode like an artillery shell… Welcome back to the news and now time to answer the question you’ve all been waiting for. The Germans lost WW2 for multiple reasons and some could have been easily avoided. Who knows the axis powers might have actually won WW2 if they didn’t make these mistakes. Probably the most important reason they lost, prioritization. As previously stated their tactic was blitzkrieg and it failed because of major fuel consumption. If the Germans focused major oil locations to fuel their war machines they could have defeated the Soviets. They would have been better equipped and their chances of winning would have gone up drastically. Reason number two Japan had the fantastic idea of “hey lets go attack the U.S. what could go wrong.” The bombing of Pearl Harbor completely messed up the Germans, now they had Britain and the U.S. to deal with. Which will make the war a lot harder now with one of the worlds superpowers involved. Before the U.S. got involved the war against Britain was a winning battle. Now with the U.S. involved it was a losing battle for the Germans. Finally the nail in the coffin for them, they attacked the Russians and now they had to fight on three fronts, with low resources. If these attacks were avoided Germany would have had a much better chance to completely take over Europe.

In conclusion Germany might have won and they were probably the most significant country in WW2. They didn’t make an absurd amount of errors but the ones they did make were fatal to their chance of victory. Blitzkrieg worked so well that Hitler and his generals thought they could have easily won witch caused them to make poor decisions on the battle field, mostly because they got way to cocky which just about ended them. It’s scary to think how close the Germans came to taking over Europe, but this should serve as a reminder to everyone that this should never be allowed to happen again. This short story provides background on what the Germans did during the course of WW2 and why it failed in the long term.

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