What Skills and Knowledge Are Needed in Report Writing Essay

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What Skills and Knowledge Are Needed in Report Writing

Research- Once I have answered the questions above I will be in a position to start my research. Knowing my subject area and narrowing down the information that is required is key. This will reduce the amount of research I have to do and will allow me to direct my research in the areas required. When a subject is too wide it can become extremely difficult to narrow the vast amount of resources you may find, down to get the information you actually need and can use. I use mind maps to establish what I need and where I could find this.

I then look into what primary or secondary information I can gather and where to go or who to speak to, to get this within my set time lines. I must approach my research with a clear goal. I will always use relevant and current information and summarise the information. Where applicable I have the courage to challenge certain information and critically analyse all of my research. I always keep a running list of all my resources so I can references these where I need to.

Structure- My report will need the following Title page- What is the Title /Research Question and does this clearly define the purpose of this report? Acknowledgments – A list of all people who helped me to complete the report. This isn’t always required. Contents page – A running order of the report with page number or point numbers. Terms of reference- This should be a definition of the task required to answer the research question. Procedure – A description of how I gathered my information and compiled my report. Summary- What are the main findings discovered and reported

Introduction- This will be a background/context and reason for the report Main Body- This will detail what happened, what was found, any problems encountered, why there were problems, an analysis of the research and how this supports/contradicts my research question. Conclusion- What are the results of the findings? An evaluation of the findings and how these impact me / my organisation. Does this conclusion answer the research question? Was this successful and if not why not? Recommendations- How can these findings be used to improve the current situation? How will we implement required changes and how will we ensure that this is carried out? What are the costs and time scales associated with required changes? Referencing- This is a list of all sources of research used to compile the report Bibliography- This is a list of all resources used as part of my research but not sited in the report.

Writing Style- When writing my report I ensure that it is clear and concise and that I use very little or no jargon. I will always revise and edit my report to ensure that it is accurate and is easy to read and navigate. I will always ask myself; overall does the report fulfill its purpose? Am I / my organization going to be able to use this and are we getting what we want from it?

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