What Should the Relationship Be Between Students and Teachers in the Classroom?

What should the relationship be, between students and teachers in the classroom? The answer to this question, I have found, has many different answers. Each teacher, in my opinion, has their set ways to teach, in which they believe is the ‘right way’. So, no matter which answer you come up with, the person next to you might come up with a totally opposite answer. This explains why we ask this question in the first place. No one’s answer is exactly right.

There are advantages and disadvantages to two different teaching means of which I know of: (1) The idea that teachers force issues on students and (2) The idea that teachers sit back and let the students be free to say what they want; figuring out where the teacher can improve, and how-to guide that student into thinking more out of the box. Teachers should focus on their relationship with the students because without that bond, there is little chance of managing the classroom efficiently.

Students should be aware that the teacher wants them to be successful both in and out of the classroom.

Because Teachers and their students have a special relationship; what they do affects each other. Teachers and students can\’t survive without one another since there would be no teacher without any student. Based on this special relationship, a certain expectation has been developed in the classroom environment. Gradually, some spoken or unspoken rules and systems have been established between these two individuals which exist till now.

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The main aspect of this relationship has been founded, typically on responsibility and requirement that these individuals feel about each other, yet, in-depth there are other elements into teacher and student\’s relationship which work more than duty. Although the nature of teacher and student responsibility is different from each other, there is an aspect that needs to be considered above any other aspect, and that is, the relationship must be meaningful for both these two individuals. But what makes a relationship meaningful between teachers and students, in a way that, teachers could love students and students could like them enough to let them teach, and finally who has the greater responsibility?

To address the above questions, we could say that, the student\’s main responsibility consists of, respecting the teacher, learning what is taught, and applying the material that has been taught. Moreover, students, occasionally are encouraged to be prompt, neat and polite: to work hard to succeed, respect school authority and respect people\’s property. On the other hand, obviously, the role of an educator is to teach, in a way that helps students learn the subject matter easily. I strongly believe that the educator has a great responsibility in educating students. Students learn from a teacher who has many qualities suitable for teaching successfully. For a better understanding of successful teaching, we need to define the characteristics of a good teacher and describe the qualifications of a successful educator. The qualities of a good teacher are endless, never the less. Nevertheless, among these, we can mention a few basic traits that an educator has to have, in order to be called a capable teacher. Qualities such as, kindness, self-control, duty, reliability, sportsmanship, and truthfulness are among the many of characteristics of a good educator who wants to have a nurturing and nourishing relationship with students. For example, the kind and reliable teachers are always available for their students mentally and physically; They spend many of their precious time after school to help a student learn a subject matter. Through many of our experience that each of us had, during our schooling period, we could relate to many stories that we have heard or read or encounter personally about teachers and student relationship. Many of these stories have shown us that the effect of a good relationship turned a student around and changed his or her life. I know I’ve seen a few in my lifetime.

In conclusion, positive relationships between teachers and student s during class-time will always enhance the learning process for both teachers and students. And, there would be more successful graduates.

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