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What's the Meaning of Life in Prison for Juveniles?

Juvenile Imprisonment Without Parole applies to a life period in jail with little possibility of release granted to an inmate under the age of 18. Sometimes this subject causes intense tension because of the offense it convicts, murder and aging element. This statement alludes to a black or white conclusion when in reality there are shades of gray. Simply committing an child to life imprisonment without the possibility of freedom is illegal. A solution to the situation will include providing a psychiatric examination of the children and dealing with the inquiry taking into consideration the diagnostic findings.

That will fit the ratio, because teenagers are not at the same stage of behavioral maturity because adults, and therefore incriminate those of healthy mental wellbeing rightly.

A contrast of both an adult and a child accused of a horrific offense can be used to help understand how unfair the penalty will be. The eighth amendment to the Constitution explicitly specifies that no person can be exposed to cruel and unusual punishment.

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A judge stipps away from every light remaining in the infant by sentencing an infant to an existence without promise of liberation. Before it even started, they would have their lives taken from them. Yes, they have done a terrible thing, but you cannot put them on the same level or status as an adult that has murdered someone. Although they have to pay for what they have done, it should not be the worst punishment as the adults because at the end of the day they are just children.

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It should be remembered that most adults are entirely mentally grown, and can also in serious circumstances differentiate between right and wrong. However, not all children and adolescents are expected to develop fully cognitively, and do not have a full understanding of the consequences. Neurologists have observed that teenagers do not react in the same way as an adult in stressful circumstances. Of Course, committing murder is the most extreme situation, yet in a child’s mind it still doesn’t process the same way it does in an adult’s. The human brain is not fully developed until the age of 25. It responds to situations with good judgment and the understatement of long-term situations or results when the brain is fully developed. Young people are not using logic properly when making decisions, rather they are resorting to their feelings. This shows that, without external and internal forces clouding their judgement, a young adult can still not think independently.

Continuing on Children’s clouded mental state, what kids do is because of what they see at home. Kids are affected by what they see at home. For example they live in a home where there is violence, in that case they will think that because of that it is okay to be violent which is not the case. Children that live at home that are unfortunate and have a life where it’s difficult and violence, they are highly expected to commit a crime. These kids are young and do not understand their actions and how they behave is because of their parents. The aggressive world can always drive a kid off the brink and make them do a horrific thing. Of course, experiencing a rough childhood doesn’t jusitify a adult in committing murder, but it does go to show that a kid can confuse the boudaries between what’s good and what isn’t. Seeing aggression doesn’t only lead you to precreate it, it has a lasting impact on you as well. Mental illnesses such as depression may arise from the trauma. It will be unfair to condemn a person who is mentally ill to life in jail. As discussed earlier, not everyone is at their full mental capacity and the most vulnerable are those in their young.

In conclusion, the evaluation of juvenile convicts prior to punishment will include a strong picture on how to handle the case. Taking into consideration the family and emotional health of the children as well as recognizing that they are only starting their lives should maintain the judgment fair. The black and white solution to the case, in debating a child’s damming, is not legally or theoretically right. This can be known, no justification remains for taking the life of another human. Anything will render a horrific act all right, so little can be accomplished to get your precious person back. Even, because it happens to a juvenile, it’s not appropriate to take out that life of no illumination at the end of a really dark long path.

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