What really happened in Manila during the Marcos Martial Law? Essay

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What really happened in Manila during the Marcos Martial Law?

To read and watched, like this book’s Lualhati Bautista presenting the best examples of the circumstances at that time. It took not only the level-personal perspective if not even more large-family, national and international perspective.

The long narrative centered on middle – class families Bartholome , and how the law affects military conflicts and tragedies happened in their lives . Amanda ‘s Assistant Engineer Sr. Julian wife . expansion in five to sons: the eldest son Jules a young activist who joined the rebel New People’s Army ( NPA ) and then became political prisoners ; was Gani that young age nakabuntis female, was Em a writers looking for self- identity ; Jason victimized by salvaging and Bingo was watching inquired early in the going .

In Decades ’70 , mababakas reader notes the actual story of repression and military violence on innocent civilians involved in the war , human rights violations , different face of poverty and exploitation of oppressed peoples , and unremitting resistance by the people during the dictatorship of martial law. The use of the author of the first person point of view in the story , notably Amanda inclined to talk to yourself or mind – chatter about the role he and wife and children on issues troubling him . He ‘s learning with Jules , he nakakapaghayag about what happens “because I’m no longer just limited to those related to pampabata’t makeup , celebrations and kaburgisan , ” so to speak with Amanda .

Not typical woman , Amanda , rather, someone with natural awareness events involving greater numbers of people (which he gradually discovered ) and in nagpapasupil limit litany of wife , ” Well honey , It’s a man’s world . ” An important man in the article was Jules , a young opened the campaign against tuition fee increase in school until he was subsequently choose to participate in the armed struggle waged by the NPA . The features him as a revolutionary struggle to change the existing system is very arousing the emotions of Amanda who once demanded the freedom to decide their own life he wrote his brother on the terms quoted from the poem of the poet Kahlil Gibran : “Your children are not you child, They are sons and daughters of life! Retrospective them to you but you , and although enlarged see, they have no liability to you … ” as far as I know, it’s also often cite student activists now talking to parents they do not understand !

And as many parents do not understand Amanda ‘s son does. Jules replied the mother time to pick the person . Either you or do’n here … will help you to change the situation or you magseserbisyo also working bully? Unexpected pagkakatao’y absorbed the whole family the shock of martial law without brutally tortured and killed Jason non celebrity couple hours after release of the PC because it uses marijuana questionable . In the absence of identification with perpetrators , they ‘ve done nothing but bemoan the absence of justice . But even the intense tragic sumuong families Bartolome , they still remained intact despite their diversity principle . Even if the nagkakaintindihan of intellectual discourse , not losing tight emotional relationship . Th of a song , ” the divergence has also approaches . “

The incident revealed the Decade ’70 seems nakapagsisilbing fuel the growing and intensifying voice of rebellion in the early years of the next decade . First introduced in ‘ kin Decades ’70 in October 1996 by Mr. Christopher Amat , a teacher of Communication in the College of Arts and Sciences of the University of Perpetual Help System – Laguna ( UPHSL ) . Since then , I have not pleading reading the book until I finished it in just two weeks . For students with progressive ideas, nakaambag the work in raising their political consciousness and patriotism.

Even those who are just beginning to move forward the struggle for an independent council and newspaper UPHSL students , I considered the novel as recommended reading material for arousing and organizing the masses of students. With one shall include proposed yet to do this course in the study of organizations. At such times as the 70 – decade of awakening and struggle , we learned the lesson that everyone is part of the wider society in which young people today, “a clear eyes and ears and voice of his time ” , determines the future of the town . The luma’y intentionally replaced by new ones. Language of a political prisoner , “the peaceful shore just for daring to oppose the whirlwind of waves during storms . “

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