What Psychology Means To Me

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My initial thought on where psychology is going made me think of where we came from and where we had been. From the Roman times in Greece, to the Renaissance to modern times, psychology has evolved and branched out to more regions than early philosophers ever thought possible. The groundwork that these great minds paved I feel was partially due to having no internet. There were no shortcuts or easy outs. Early philosophers had to think and go the extra mile to find things out on their own.

Personally, I feel that modern day technology has stunted our mind growth compared to the way it was before we had it.

Early philosophers had nothing but time on their hands. Now there are so many more distractions in life compared to the way times use to be. When these philosophers were around there was no social media, no internet, and most households could survive on one income. With constant distractions I think this world is a little shallower than it was before.

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I would hope that we would continue to dissect the mind and the fact that psychology has changed so much over time leads me to believe it will keep on evolving. Although on the surface technology may have seemed to have held us back, when digging deeper it has and will continue to further move us into the right direction. Since technology has been around (preferably the internet) it has given crowdsourcing, the ability to reach more people than we ever could have before.

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Making it easier to reach an extended amount of people to run studies on diverse samples at low costs is a win/win.

Psychology has been broken down into so many fields such as sociology, philosophy, computer science, neuroscience, economics and biology to name a few and in the future I’m sure more will come. As much as I feel social media has crippled our minds and taken away our connections with people, for psychology it has helped with organizations that may have not been able to reach a certain demographic of people.

To me psychology means to constantly ask questions about human nature and help us understand how our minds work. I do believe that with the help that with the help of technology, psychology will continue to grow rapidly into more fields than what we have now.

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