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Freedom is a very broad concept, it can be viewed from different angles. This may be physical, spiritual, personal freedom, political freedom, or freedom of expression. In any case, the concept of freedom implies the absence of any pressure on a person, the ability to act according to one’s own views and preferences. At all times, freedom was highly valued, people were eager for it, sometimes giving their own lives for the idea of freedom alone. Many wars and revolutions erupted on the grounds that some wanted freedom, while others oppressed it.

In this essay I will talk about meaning of truth Liberty, economic freedom, and freedom of conscience.

Freedom is the ability to act as you please. This is a state of independence or autonomy of freedom from restrictions and the right to self-determination. Freedom can be defined in different ways, if we talk about it politically, philosophically or religiously. Some may describe freedom as the right to do whatever they want, when they want and with whom they want! But most of us realize that liberty comes with restrictions.

Though the U.S. “Declaration of Independence” set forth the principle, “life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness,” Patrick Henry himself (famed for his defiant statement, “give me liberty, or give me death!”) set ethical boundaries: “The great pillars of all government and of social life [are] virtue, morality, and religion” (“Letter to Archibald Blair,” January 8, 1799). Economic freedom is the main condition for business development.

Entrepreneurship is a type of activity aimed at making a profit.

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The entrepreneur himself can choose the form of his enterprise, the resources, the manufactured goods and set a price. Economic freedom in the narrow sense, the right of business entities to independently choose the profile, structure and volume of production, sales conditions, product prices; achieved by compromise agreements with other market participants. Economic freedom in practice means the right to start or stop your business, acquire any resources, use any technology, produce any product and offer it for sale at any price; invest their own money at their own discretion, but these rights – freedoms do not ensure guaranteed success. You can produce any product, set it at any price. Every consumer has the right to freely purchase any product or service, to offer their services for the performance of any work; refuse any job; use their own resources, provided that it does not violate the rights of other people.

The practice of business relations (business), using economic freedom as a condition for development, has developed a system of relationships that is mandatory for participation in business. Freedom of conscience – sometimes called “freedom of worship” or “religious freedom” – means simply the freedom to worship in one’s own way, including the right not to worship. It could also be simplified to a single word – co-existence – except that word implies one group, in power, tolerating another. Given how loose the original authority was in Rhode Island, and how much depended on the support given by Native Americans, it is perhaps more accurate to simple focus on the freedom. So, what is the conclusion? Freedom is an ephemeral and diverse concept. Everybody strives for it, but upon receiving it, sometimes they do not know what to do with it. Our freedoms in a civilized society are essentially limited by the demands of this very society, but this is for the best. All of us are free people, but each is bound by commitments, affections and necessities in his own way.

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