What Matters Most: Corporate Values and Social Responsibility Essay

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What Matters Most: Corporate Values and Social Responsibility

1.List the key points of the case and why the author considers them important lessons.

According to Jeffrey Hollender, the key issues that a company must address to become socially responsible are:

1.Values: Develop a clear set of values and operating principles that every employee or member of the company takes to heart.

2.Commitment from the top of the company: As mentioned earlier, this is basic because if the top managers are not willing to be open and honest about their company’s real situation and areas of opportunity, how can we expect anyone else to be.

3.Determine structure, measurements and mechanisms to evaluate progress: We need to do this taking into consideration a set of goals based on our values. A very common structure is the kind of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) reporting that companies do to disclose their socially responsible activities.

2.What has Greenpeace done to curb corporates from exploiting our global natural resources?

A key part of their campaigns is investigations; they go to the scene of the environmental crime, expose the responsible ones and work with the affected communities to identify solutions. They also investigate the impacts that these crimes have on our planet and people. Another important part of Greenpeace’s labor is the legal one; as we know, decision-makers in government have the capability and responsibility to make positive change happen. So, in order to help with this task, Greenpeace policy experts work with Congress to reform policy on the state and national levels.

3.Pick five (5) corporate change-makers cited in the case and give examples of why the author picked these organizations.

According to their webpage, Chiquita is the only global banana company to have met the strict standards for Rainforest Alliance certification for 100% of their farms. This means that they meet the strict standards of the Sustainable Agriculture Network (a coalition of environmental groups in 8 tropical nations). Since 1992, when Chiquita started this important change, 100% of their banana plantations have been modified to conserve wildlife habitats and natural resources

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