What makes your workplace work well Essay

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What makes your workplace work well

Nowadays, we live in an extremely large and intricate world which is mainly characterized by a wide variety of continuous and unpredictable changes. With that, there are factors that would affects work in every way, either advantages and disadvantages to people and workplace.

No one can deny that whenever a person look for a job, whatever work it is, they think of what the future holds for them . Primarily, financial stability is the most essential of all. If the salary is not adequate to live each day and to meet the demands of the person and be able to prosper and enjoy life, then that individual is not satisfied. Secondarily, the benefits that the employee receive from the organization, the role and responsibility and personal interest of the employee towards work and working environment is also essential.

Like for example, the lack of manpower and teamwork that is unfriendly colleagues will result to conflicts, miscommunications and misunderstandings does makes it more exhausting and stressful. . The location of work, where someone lives 100 miles away from home also matters. Weather and Climate changes thus also contribute. The lack of orientation and training to employees will make a difference to how you deliver your skills. Another factor are the employee’s culture and educational background, that has involves several adjustments to work environment. In addition, the heavy workload, long hours and demanding tasks. And, Not getting enough time to spend with friends and family.

With the current situation in my workplace, working in a medical field and in the hospital demands my time including my attention and care to patients. Sometimes patient’s care are compromised because of the additional paper works and which is sometimes not necessary. The lack of staffs and the movement to different areas which we are not familiar with. New and changes to policy and procedure introduced and its strict compliance brings stress to mind. Going home physically and emotionally tired and exhausted, leading to depression, long time sickness from work and not only that, the freezing increase in salary nationwide adds up to stress.

However, if problems tackled properly within work, organising task and priorities and got substantial support from each other, working together as a team will ease work difficulties. As well as, support from the people with higher rank who should listens and acknowledges efforts, hard work and appreciates and rewards is very satisfying. Furthermore, good and clear communication within the people in the organization is vital and would make the employees more competent and productive worker.

Therefore, as a working individual wherever and whatever things that involves work, it is believed that there a variety of factors the influences work and are extremely important. It is proved that personal interest like having new goals, dreams or simply taking some risk in life and adjust fully to changes, and a organized work environment is will certainly produces productivity and profitability and will have a healthier and better lives.

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