What Makes Us Human Different from Other Species?

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Are humans really biologically and socially different from the rest of the created world? Is there any special characteristic that separates us from other species or any other forms of life, or humans are just an improvement on the body and shape of other animals, the processes of millions of years?

There were many attempts to answer these questions. As scientists studied the human body and skeleton, it helped them to recognize the remain between humans and apes, for example, humans and apes share the same tooth patterns but in different shapes, Human’s tooth are v shaped while ape’s are u shaped.

Anthropologists have looked for cultural evidence to identify and describe human remains. Humans are mostly known as tool-users, this what makes humans unique from other animals. However. In the past few years, extensive researches, by many scientists and researchers, has identified tool use by animals, like the chimpanzees, and more recently by gorillas too. These tools can be rocks to open a shellfish.

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The arrangement, sequence, and expression levels of our DNA will provide valuable information of what makes a human unique from other created kinds.

Individuals can deliver a basically endless blended pack of words and thoughts. Humans do as being what is indicated through two modes of operation recursive and combinatorial. The recursive operation grants us to apply an informed principle to make new translations. In combinatorial operations, we mix different academic segments to make an alternate thought. Mental thoughts or images are our system for encoding material encounters.

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They structure the reason of our complex frameworks of correspondence. We may decide to stay closemouthed with respect to our mental pictures, or location them to others utilizing words or pictures.

The bible describes the creation of a mankind as being in the (image of god), which leads to the discussion of the qualities of a god that can be seen in human. For example, god created the world, humans created buildings, vehicles, artwork, and gadgets of all kinds. A man can create anything out of nothing using his own imagination, only for his use and his pleasure. Another example, emotions occurs to god, also humans have emotions. Humans love, hate, become jealous, and they have feeling towards each other’s, and god can express these emotions in his own ways. God forgive humans, so as humans forgive each other’s. Humans share qualities with god but who has all the qualities that God has. When god made human, he engineered the unique curve in our backs to hold our neck in the right position and even it help our hips when we stand, walk, or run on two feet.

Humans and animals have emotions and feeling unlike robots and machines. Humans can love, hate, and even get jealous. Unlike humans, robots cannot love or hate, robots does not feel the pain, does not feel happy or sad. They do not express their emotions. Even if the robot said ‘I love u’ he does not mean it. He does not understand what these three words mean. Animals have emotions, but not like humans. Animals feel sad and happy but only in there own ways. Dogs feel sad when their friend or their mate die or leave them away.

A machine does not know how to build or create anything by its own; humans have to give them the information and recipe to start. Some people are building robots to fight for more entertainment. When actually people stated building robots as humans, they wanted to build a human-robot, in other words a robot that can love, hate, and get jealous. But u cannot depend on robots. Why cannot humans depend on robots? If the robot felt jealous, he won’t control his actions; he might kill, hit, or hurt a human by his words or actions. Robots can pay with our feeling with some words that he doesn’t know what it really means. When building a robot, we need to know the use of it.

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What Makes Us Human Different from Other Species?

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