What Makes Someone A Hero In History?

A Hero is someone who is a just human being. Some people think a hero is someone who save others life. Some people think a hero has qualities of strength, sacrifice, and selfness. For example, Mr. Mao is the hero of China because he is one of the revolutionaries who found The Republic of China. Hamlet is the hero of the play Hamlet by William Shakespeare, because he defeats physical as well as psychological dilemmas. In my mind, as I grew up the definition of hero has changed over time from one quality to many qualities.

When I was a kid, I imagined that a hero is strength. For example, superman was my hero when I was young. I remembered that I would sit in front of my TV after school, Superman show is playing at this point every day. The reason I love to watch it was every time there was some bad monster destroying the cities and killing innocents, superman would come right away and defeat the bad monster.

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He brought peace to the cities he passed, and people loved to call superman when they needed protection. I want to be a man who is strong and fight any monsters to protect people.

As I grew, I knew that superman was not existing in the world, and the meaning of hero had changed in my mind. I think people, who can protect their family and friends, and sacrifice for them, are heroes. I think hero should believe in familism.

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If they can’t save their own family, how can they save others, also if they are not willing to sacrifice to their family, they would not sacrifice for other people. At this time, my father is my hero, because he loves his children and wife. He is a hard-working person, he wakes up at 7am, and comes back home at 2 am at night because of work. Even his friends and some cousins, who are his business partner, are incapable of helping him. He does not ditch them and start a new company. I have not had much time to see my father, sometimes I don’t understand why he does not find some partners that can help him. But he told me that they are his family and friends and he had to take care of them. I think my father can be the hero of our family and his friends.

After experience, I have changed my mind again. I believe a hero is someone who has the ability and dedication to help a large group of people who have nothing to do with him. A hero willing to help others, sacrifices themselves without asking anything in return. A hero is a successful person who gives back to the society where he gets everything. William Henry Gates III is the hero I mention, he is one of the richest people in the world. He creates Microsoft and windows which help us a lot and accelerated the development of society. He donated 58billion dollars of his personal fortune to the Bill and Melinda gates foundation and used it for important causes, such as science and technology, education, medical research, social services and other fields. He created a lot of job opportunities for people and helped others that he did not know. There are a lot of heroes in our society, and I believe they will save more people over time.

The meaning of hero is wide, and people have different views of a hero. Most of heroes have strength, sacrifice, and selfness. People can be a hero for their children, family, friends, society, company, and themselves. I should encourage myself to be a hero for myself that is willing to help others when they needed it.

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