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What Makes Hero Essay Example

What are the first things that spring up to your mind when you hear the word “hero”? Some people say that it is a person who is physically strong and attractive, who is ready to sacrifice his or her life to save others. However, others do not consider appearance and supernatural power to be crucial factors in determining who is a hero. The advocates of this second opinion state that heroes are people who can be men and women, fictional and real individuals, somebody young or grown-up. They mean that it is the person’s character that identifies a true hero amid us.

It is no wonder that our heroes who we can also call role models change throughout the whole life. Kids prefer to dream about Superman, Spiderman, Flash, Captain Marvel, and many others. They symbolize justice, strength, truth, and the power. Since childhood, boys and girls learn what is good and what is bad, and their heroes help them learn the main distinctions. Kids believe that heroism is connected with some death-defying feats, courage, bravery. When you grow up, your preferences also change. Instead of fictional characters, more realistic people come up to mind: artists, politicians, singers, top models, charity workers. Teenagers evaluate both appearance and character traits. For them, a hero is someone who has similar interests and a worldview, so that they may find support even if those youngsters do not know their role model in person. Understanding that somebody has similar tastes is all they need. When people mature, lots of their values change and whenever you ask them “What makes a hero” they will talk about their nearest and dearest.

When we grow old, we begin appreciating this valuable time that our parents, relatives, friends have to spend with us. We think about people who care for their family; it is the one who stands for their children, who can go above and beyond to help. These people become our heroes because their heroism is hidden in their hearts. Just remember those sleepless nights when our mothers and fathers tried to calm us down because we were noisy babies. How much time do our grandparents have spent in the kitchen cooking something scrumptious for us? It seems that not all of us understand how significant these people are. When time goes by, we become parents ourselves, and that is when we realize how heroic our parents and relatives are. And no supernatural man or woman can even stand next to those spiritual heroes who can inspire and support just by saying words of love.

When you mature, it becomes clear that it is care and kindness that matter. There are many non-profit organizations which are supported by sincere people who just want to be helpful. These volunteers go to great length to help the homeless, the ill, orphans. They care about the society and want to improve it step-by-step. For many people, such volunteers can be heroes because they teach how to give love for nothing. They do not wait for anything in return because all they need is somebody’s smile, hug, true emotions. Such people deserve to be called role models because they make our world kinder.

Taking everything into account, it is impossible to enumerate features which each hero should possess. The heroic imaginations depend on our age and level of self-awareness. When people understand who their role models are, they try to become similar to them, and it is what all of us should do. Knowing this person who has always been our hero motivates us to become better. Even by simply helping others, being thankful, loving, caring can make us somebody’s hero. Doesn’t it sound nice? You can become a hero because sharing kindness is not something impossible, it is just about giving and not waiting for receiving something in return.


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