What Makes America Great

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What makes America great, you may ask? There are many things that make this great country what it is. There are as many different reasons as there are people. For you, maybe its the brave people, or maybe all the different people, or it could be the environment. There are many things that make America great. Ill cover some of them right now.

The people are extremely brave. They always put others above themselves. On September 11th, the brave firefighters went in and tried to save all the victims.

The firefighters tried as hard as they could for many days and nights. They didnt care what happened to them as long as the others got out alive. It seems pretty scary. It was dark, dusty, and knowing that any minute could be your last. Im willing to bet anything that some of them just wanted to quit right on the spot because they were so scared, but they didnt. They kept on going, through cold nights and hot days barely ever getting a break.

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All they wanted was for the people to be safe.

We also have plenty of freedom. We can wear what we want when we want to wear it. In some countries, you must wear a cloth that covers your entire body and we cant ever let anyone see ourselves. Here, we can wear anything from a tank top and shorts to jeans and a t-shirt. Imagine if every single day you had to wear what someone else told you to.

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We can also say what we want to. We can joke about people. We can gossip about people. We can basically do whatever we want whenever we want to.

Not to mention our environment is absolutely beautiful. You can go to another country and see only orange colors or grey colors. Here, we look one place and see some colorful buildings and some plants. We can turn around and see a green or blue house with lots of decorations and bright plants. Then we can turn around again and see a beautiful beach or forest with tons of colorful plants and animals. Also, our air isnt polluted like some cities. In some countries you can look up and see a dark grey sky. In America, when we look up, we see a bright blue sky with beautiful clouds and a bright sun. If we ever go camping, we can actually eat the fish we catch. We dont have to just throw it back in because the water is so polluted (that is, unless we want to). We can sleep on the grass without having to pick up any litter.

Our laws are really great, too. Some people may not like them. They may think some of our laws are stupid, but theyre not. Okay, so some laws seem like they have absolutely no point to them, but there always is. Even if it doesnt seem important, they help keep America safe. As stupid as some people may think they are, theyre here to protect us. And, lets face it; theyre doing a pretty good job of it. If there were no such things as those laws, a lot of us wouldnt be alive right now. We should be grateful for them.

Also, there are many different people here. Not like in some countries, where there are only people of a certain religion or race allowed. In America, there are many different people. And, we arent just different because of race or religion. We are different because of the way we think. Our likes and dislikes. Our opinions. Our families. But no matter how different we are, were always accepted. Whether its at school, at the mall, or even in our community. No one will look at you in a strange way or say really mean stuff to you. Those are only some of the many reasons that America is great. Now, the next time you wonder why America is great, you wont even have to ask. Youll just remember this speech and say Of course. How could I forget?

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