What Makes a Teacher an Effective Teacher?

There are many skills, traits and methods that teachers possess to effectively teach students. The purpose of this analysis is to try and find statistical research that can be recorded with conclusions to draw from it. I have interviewed two teachers consisting of 5 questions each and I have handed out 16 copies of my questionnaire containing 10 questions each. I used 8 males and 8 females so that I can make a non-biased conclusion to my research. From the questionnaires and interviews I have conducted, I have found that there are many important qualities of an effective educator.

The first teacher I interviewed, Mr. Richards thought control of the class was the most important quality, whereas the second teacher I interviewed thought control of the class wasn’t all that important but good knowledge and patience were most important. This shows that the subject you are teaching can have an impact on how effective your teaching skills are. For e. g. Mrs. Dean is an English teacher and she believes good knowledge and patience are important when teaching a class, and Mr.

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Richards is a Mathematics teacher and he believes that control of the class is a very important skill to have when teaching. Interaction with the students seems to help teachers get an idea across according to the two teachers I interviewed. This is because it helps both the teacher and students understand the topic more and learn more by gaining other people’s insight. When I asked the question, ‘what do you think makes a teacher an effective educator? ’ to Mrs.

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Dean and Mr. Richards, I received similar answers. They both think that communication is very important for effective education.

This means that for students to learn the teachers must have good communication skills for them to be able to understand what they are teaching. Another skill that both of the teachers I interviewed found important, was for teachers to adapt to different classes that they teach. They both believe that teaching top and bottom classes can be very different. This is because the behaviour and expectations can vary greatly which means for stricter discipline and patience, or greater knowledge and expectation. Mrs. Dean and Mr. Richards have similar discipline methods.

They both agree that discipline should be given in levels e. g. start with low levels and then if rude behaviour continues, take further action such as detention or calling parents. Also, they believe the consequences for a student depend on the situation which means that they would be fair and make good judgement. I have received some very thorough results from the 16 questionnaires I handed out. Three of my questions that were yes or no questions, received definite answers. Respect for teachers when learning and good communication skills when teaching were found both very important.

Also, the physical environment a teacher works in is important to be able to be an effective educator. The amount of people in a class can affect how effective a teacher teaches. I asked the question, ‘do you think teachers can teach more effectively with smaller or larger classes? ’ The response was mainly smaller groups. I think the reason for this is because teachers can have the ability to understand and communicate better if there aren’t so many people to teach. The question, ‘should strict discipline be used in school.

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What Makes a Teacher an Effective Teacher?

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