What makes a successful city Essay

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What makes a successful city

What makes a successful city? A city is a place where people live, grow, receive education, work, enjoy leisure and carry on their daily life. Satisfying the basic human needs is certainly not the answer to the question. The success of a city is tied inextricably to high standard of living and good quality of life.

High standard of living is a key component of a successful city. Standard of living generally refers to the level of economic success, availability of necessities, infrastructure, schools and education, health and sanitation, stability and sustainability of a city. Economic success brings wealth and attracts investments to a city, in turn, more job opportunities and better quality of employment are offered. In response to increase in household income, more consumer goods and services are made available.

The city government is also benefited from the growth of economic activities. Increase in revenue of the city government enables them to spend more in improving infrastructure like public services and transportation systems; enhancing the educational system comprises elementary, higher and tertiary levels; expanding medical services and controlling pollution.

Furthermore, standard of living also includes aspects of living that cannot be bought or directly controlled by an individual, for instance, political and social environment, and natural environment. Each of the aforementioned element forms an integral part of high standard of living. Should all elements work together in harmony, the results can be enhanced in multifold.

A successful city must embrace a good quality of life. Quality of life in a city takes into account not only the material standard of living, but other intangible aspects that make up human life which are freedom and human rights. A city with high degree of freedom allows people to have the opportunity to speak, think, act and pursue happiness without unnecessary external restrictions.

The importance of freedom is that it leads to creativity and original thoughts, increased productivity and higher quality of life. While human rights focus on how people interact with others at all levels in a city including family, school and workplace. It is important that people should strive to understand what human rights are. When people have better understanding of human rights, it will be easier for them to
promote justice and the well-being of a city.

A city has high quality of life can convince ambitious business and talented workforce to join in. To pursue a better quality of life, all parties contribute their best efforts to improve every aspect of a city towards perfection.

In conclusion, high standard of living and good quality of life are the life blood for the success of a city. High standard of living and good quality of life fulfill the tangible and intangible needs for the successful city respectively. And every element of the two major components is of equal importance and failure in any single element may break the whole chain. Making a successful city is an everlasting process which requires continuous injection of resources and reviews.

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