What Makes a Pizza More Acceptable than Another Essay

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What Makes a Pizza More Acceptable than Another

Pizzas are often preferred by majority of fast-food consumers since they are available in different sizes with fresh toppings at an affordable price. They are ideal during a family get-together when large size pizzas can be ordered for a free home delivery with a choice for vegetarian or non-vegetarian type. Besides, pizzas are sold as a handy slice, which can be eaten by a busy professional while commuting.

Among the leading pizza brands, Pizza Hut, Domino’s Pizza and Papa John’s have been able to develop brand fidelity by creating a variety of tasty pizzas according to different tastes of consumers. Although the tastes of different pizzas depend on toppings, the crispiness, and the quality of wheat dough, a health conscious consumer chooses a pizza according to the calories present in it. Diet Bites reports different calories in a single slice of 14” cheese pizza of three different brands.

In case of Domino’s Pizza, the number of kcal is 272, while for Papa John’s, it is 304 kcal, and in case of Pizza Hut, the number of kcal per slice of 14” pizza is 266. Marketing strategy also differs for the pizza brands. According to Stern (2007), Papa John’s has been able to create a niche in the market by delivering pizzas within 30 minutes of an order placed through SMS on the mobile phone. This marketing strategy of Papa John’s has been successful to beat the existing marketing efforts of Domino’s and Pizza Hut.

During delivery of pizza from a restaurant to the customer’s place, it should remain hot and crispy without loosing its fresh taste. Alva (1986) reported the claims made by Domino’s group that it makes every effort to retain freshness and taste of its pizzas while delivering hot pizzas to its customers, and that is why Domino’s has been more successful than its competitors. Thus, different brands of pizzas have contrasting tastes, marketing strategies, and consumer preferences. References Alva, M. (1986, October 20).

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