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What makes a good Relationship? Essay

A good relationship is the result of hard work. My mother used to say, “Two heads are better than one, and behind every man there is always a woman. ” Having a good relationship with one’s partner is the greatest gift anyone could ever ask for, although it is not easy to find that one person. It takes time. Meeting someone for the first time doesn’t mean that one should fall in love right away because that wouldn’t be considered love. One has to take one’s time to study the other’s behavior and know what the both have in common and what the other person likes and dislikes.

One of the most important things in a good relationship is honesty. I was involved in a couple of relationships myself and I wouldn’t say they have been the best one. One thing I have realized in my past relationship is that honesty is a solid indivisible word; no one disputes its meaning. Honesty denotes a volitional process that is identical for every conscious being and is being truthful in character and behavior. Honesty leads to trust. If one is in a relationship in which both partners doesn’t trust each other, then there is a huge flaw in that relationship.

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In other to have a good relationship both parties must be willing to commit to each other and sacrifice things as well. The husband must not only take his career job as is only responsibility, he should know that the most important part of his responsibility is his family and same goes for the wife. The husband must be willing to help out in the house in order to reduce the burden on the wife and that is how a good relationship last long. There is no perfect relationship.

Every relationship has its ups and downs and as long as both partners are willing to sacrifice, they will get through the though times. Hard work is the significant result of a good relationship. Some people are destined to have a good relationship and others are not. Not every one who has been in a relationship can claim to have a great one, but the most important thing is never to give up the hope of knowing one can do better. Honesty leads to integrity, trustworthiness, with fairness and honor from the loved ones.

Honesty is a good quality of character necessary for trust, respect, and honor; a foundation value and fundamental requirement for a good success in a relationship. There certain sacrifice that needs to be made in a relationship. One should try to adjust to the maximum extent possible. Even then if it doesn’t work out, just leave it at that. Appreciation has its effect on every human being. It is the motivating factor for a human personality. So be honest and give sincere appreciation whenever your one’s partner deserves it. Don’t procrastinate or be

stingy with your words. One should try to understand one another and see each others point of view. The act of forgetting and forgiving is essential in a relationship. So one must learn to overlook the mistakes of one’s partner. Every time my mom is having the mother daughter with me, she would say, “Share your joys and sorrows however small they may be. There should be transparency in your relationship. Never hide a fact, thinking of imagined consequences. ” Honesty is the result of a hard work in a good relationship and one should not take that for granted.

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