What lies behind your current work and what drives your process? Essay

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What lies behind your current work and what drives your process?

I have always had a genuine interest in Fine Art, one borne out of a love of beauty and affinity to great works of art. My background, recreational and academic experiences over the years, have been centered at achieving a high level of excellence in whatever endeavors I’m engaged in. I have a great love for art. Ever since I was in grade school, I could always be found with a pencil trying to express myself in different shapes and on any material I could lay my hands on.

Even though I wasn’t very good at it, I remained persistent in trying to learn as much as I could. I had a lot of ideas and imaginations that I tried to put on paper but everything always ended up looking haphazard. This was until my Professor introduced me to the art of Repousse, which involves embossing shapes into metal in order to come up with a design. After this, I had a lot of art work piled up so I went to almost all the galleries in the city for about six months until my work was accepted and I got my first solo show.

I am driven by a deep desire to make my mark in the field of art and I’m capable of facing a lot of challenges and still remain determined to achieve my goals. Growing up with Nashville music has also played an important role in my life. Music is a source of inspiration and through it, I have been able to develop my imagination. I try to capture experiences in my life by using symbols and objects to reflect the circumstances or feelings behind a person or occurrence. For example, to me, flowers represent conversation.

How do you see your work and your practice in the context of contemporary art? As time goes on, my work changes and improves. Over the past 5 years, I have specialized in metal relief sculpture and painting. Now, I am learning to bring together the strong lines, texture of the metal, and the free flow of the brush strokes. It is very challenging but exciting. I have also started conducting experiments with different mediums in order to decide which approach produces the best effect.

I appreciate any opportunity I get to work with middle schools, high schools, colleges and universities and I truly enjoy it. My work is centered on (Please insert your specific interest in art/course of study). I have an affinity for Pocket squares, I collect them and they often come up in my work as representation of different feelings. When I was younger, I used to take care of my dad’s flowers. I attribute descriptive words to most objects to enable me work with them and bring them to life. I also attempt to capture the whole spectrum of human experiences by my work.

With this, I believe my work will have a positive impact in the field of contemporary art. In what ways do you hope to expand and further your art practice at the SMFA. I hope to learn from the art professionals at SMFA, engage in all assignments and works directed at improving my skills. By mixing with the best minds of the art world, I will be able to learn a lot and develop my potentials to the fullest. The experience and knowledge I gain at SMFA would be directed at achieving a status that would propel me to great heights within the art industry.

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