What Its Like Being a High School Student Athlete in Stark County

What does it mean to be a rebel to you? Does it mean you play volleyball, baseball, basketball, track, or even football maybe? Lets say you want to participate in football, then Thursdays and Fridays are the best days of the week. On Thursday the practice is much easier and quicker. Practice starts off with just passing drills and quick routes. This usually goes from about three thirty to about three forty five. After those simple and extremely easy drills are done the team does the routine warm up stretches for practice.

These stretches last close to ten minutes and help loosen up every muscle to help ensure the safest practice for the players. This practice also hypes up the players for the big game the following night. This practice is also very important because it is the last practice before our game. Therefore the team and coaches must ensure that it is the best practice to our game to the finest before the big game on friday.

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Not only is this practice a big practice game wise but it also creates that thought of delicious food lingering in the back of everyones head.

The food is a feast of lasagna, pasta, bread, and dessert. This food is for the players every thursday night. There are three to four pastas and lasagnas along with the breads and desserts. The player also gets the choice of soda, water, or gatorade, with their meal. Every so often a football players mom will go all out and bring in something special such as a rootbeer float.

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The meal is all done by the football players moms and each week is a different classes turn to bring food in. Some nights there are just a few pastas and lots of lasagna and bread and other nights it could be all spaghetti and bread. Each week is different and some weeks are better than others. One week the freshman could bring in a really good variety of food whereas the next time it is their turn they may not do as well. This process applies through all the classes up to the senior class.

After our filling meal of spaghetti, pasta, lasagna, bread, and dessert the coaches say it is very wise to get the proper amount of sleep. The best way to get a good nights sleep is to focus on that Wednesday night through thursday night. Sleep is very crucial to the game. It’s just as crucial as the plays themselves, in a way. Sleep helps the players determine our attitude on and off the field. Off the field it helps the players stay on top off their grades so they do not become ineligable. On the field it helps the player be aware and know what is going on every single play of the game. Sleep also helps the players socialize which carries over into the game by helping the players communicate with their teammates about a late call that came in from the coaches on the sideline. Sleep is very crucial for the players playing on Friday night. Once Friday rolls around everyone knows that it is game day. The excitement in the air is far too exciting to be told. The excitement does show though, there is girls wearing the jerseys of the football boys and there is the few and spirited that go all out with red rage day. Those who participate in red rage day are the one who show the most school spirit and will definitely see them at the game later on cheering on their boys of fall. They are the fans in the stands that dress out completely in red and black to show their school spirit. Throughout the day the teachers occasionally get into the spirit also and ask around what people think the score is going to be. When the teachers start getting involved in the spirit it does show that there is school spirit at Stark County Highschool. So what do you say? Is it worth it to be a Stark County Rebel? To me it is a good feeling and i would love to let you all know how it feels because it does feel good. Whether you play volleyball, baseball, basketball, run track, or play football. Stark County shows that it is good to be a rebel!

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