What it is to Truly Living ? Essay

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What it is to Truly Living ?

Martin Luther King, Jr. knows he has countless accomplishments; however, he said he did not know how to live his life. He also did not know how he was able to form the movement composed of countless ordinary individuals. Interestingly, he was not aware of his visions as well. He was probably a little too mixed up to the point of asking, “what it is to truly living”? Martin Luther King’s accomplishments include the following: Following his “I Have a Dream” speech in 1963, the United States Congress passed a law, which is technically referred to as the “Civil Rights Act” (Cable News Network, 2007).

This actually gave the government the power to declare that to discriminate someone because of his or her race is an act that is against the law (Cable News Network, 2007). He also played a large role in putting an end to the poll tax, which was actually eliminated through what is technically known as the “24th amendment” (Cable News Network, 2007). This made it possible for people of color to be able to exercise their capacity and right to vote (Cable News Network, 2007).

Furthermore, he contributed greatly in seeking for “voting rights protection” by “organizing a march in Alabama, which began in Selma and ended in Montgomery” (Cable News Netrwork, 2007). This paved the way for “Voting Rights Act” to be passed, approved, and implemented immediately after the march (Cable News Network, 2007). Stipulated in the “Voting Rights Act” that individuals who do not have the capacity to read and write will not be necessitated to pass certain literacy exams to be able to exercise their right to vote (Cable News Network, 2007).

Martin Luther King’s moves had a domino effect and also led Thurgood Marshall’s appointment of serving the Supreme Court (Cable News Network, 2007). This is extremely a good sign since the aforementioned is the first Black man to become a part of the Supreme Court (Cable News Network, 2007). Another positive result is that “the Civil Rights Act of 1968” has also been approved (Cable News Network, 2007). This gave the Blacks to be able to apply for housing loans, as well as, rent a place of their own (Cable News Network, 2007).

Then the Supreme Court ordered medical schools not to limit their enrollees to “whites”, instead, take in people of color as well (Cable News Network, 2007). It also instructed that people of color who are applicants for a job should not be denied because of their race (Cable News Network, 2007). His accomplishments are actually countless that his question about living makes it a fairly odd one. Any person would probably speculate and ask the question, “how come he is not happy/satisfied yet that in spite of his accomplishments, he still feels he does not know how to live his life?

”. Really, how would a person say that he did not know how to live his life when he has attained and carried out so much? If I were in his place, I would be stating otherwise. I would have known better how it is to truly live since I have already become a part of history and more importantly, I have touched people’s lives. I am nothing compared to him, of course, but I am proud of my accomplishments. No matter how small they are, I still consider those as something which I have done for very good reasons.

For instance, in school, I join organized rallies/marches to fight for certain issues, for instance, critical topics like oil price hike, tuition fee increase, corruption, etc. By doing so, I feel that I am helping others in the little ways I can. I have also engaged myself in activities that necessitate being a volunteer. For example, I have long been a member of the Junior Chamber International and the Red Cross. During medical missions and all the other programs/projects, I make sure that I am present to help out.

Those little things, I feel are part of my accomplishments, and because of that I know what it is to truly living since I have put myself into good use. I have carried out what really matters – fighting for rights that eventually help save lives. Reference Cable News Network. (2007). Extra! : Civil Rights Timeline. Retrieved January 27, 2008 from http://www. cnn. com/2006/EDUCATION/01/31/extra. civil. rights. timeline/index. html

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