What is Water Pollution?

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Briefly, water pollution has been a catastrophic major issues in the world. Water is arguably important resources to the world. The earth is unique among other planet in which it harbors life & it has water on its surface. Liquid water on earth is considered a potential home for extraterrestrial life. Water can be a sweet memorabilia, to enjoy in one of life’s most important commodities.

It is not a wealth, but water is very predominant to humans, animals plants and probably to other living organisms.

It makes a major catastrophe to the world since you / oneself are the root cause of it. Last but not least, stop being a litter bug since we can rehabilitate bodies of water and save their people from disasters. Water pollution can be a Silent killer.

Water pollution seldom reaches the news headlines. It is a silent killer. The study indicates progress as access to clean drinking water and treatment of sewage water is improving worldwide.

However, based on the current business-as-usual, it can be expected that in hotspot areas, rural areas and in slums, the situation will deteriorate as more people are expected to move to cities, mainly ending up informal settlements without access to any facilities.

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