What Is True Happiness?

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People have many different takes on the definition of true happiness. My interviewee states that he believes that genuine happiness is a long-term joy. He says that this level of contentment can only be reached when the virtues that God has given us are put into place and experienced. These virtues being fortitude, justice, and temperance among others. He says that if we stay true to ourselves and follow the rules of a “good Christian” happiness will come to us automatically.

Johnathan’s main point in his interview is that staying true to ourselves will lead to absolute happiness, anything else will just lead to artificial pleasure. Pleasure being a short term feeling that can easily come and go. Jonathan defines happiness as a sustaining feeling that can only be reached when we apply the Christian virtues to our everyday life.

Johnathan’s judgement of true happiness has a lot of influence. He grew up in a Christian household where he was taught that all good things come form Christ.

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In the church he was taught that we are born into a dark and evil world, and we are all filled with a void or emptiness. Many people will try to fill this emptiness with things of this world such as things like alcohol, social rankings, social media, and even money. However, none of these can fully satisfy this empty void we are born with.

We will eventually lose our friends and followers, spend our last dollars, and the alcohol will no longer numb your pain.

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All the things of this world will eventually fail you. Johnathan was taught that the only thing that can fill that emptiness inside of you is Christ. This leads to the idea that the definition of happiness is the one thing that can truly and fully satisfy you. It is not the things of this world but much more beyond that. Johnathan’s definition of true happiness is the long-term joy you receive when living your life for the one who created it.

Socrates would have had a lot to say about Jonathans definition of true happiness. He believed that happiness came from living a life that is right for your deepest good, your soul. In Plato’s Apology and Crito, we can find the most established statements of Socrates views on happiness and the pursuit of wisdom and virtue. However, because Socrates views are dispersed and sporadic throughput his dialogues, it can often be difficult to see how his interpretations fit together into a unanimous scheme. Socrates would agree with Jonathans opinion, that happiness does not come from physical or worldly things, such as bodily pleasures or power and money. In the Crito Socrates says that the most essential thing is not life, but the good life.

So many people today are becoming worried and obsessed with the length of their lives rather than with the honest excellence of their lives. They spend so much of their time and money trying to improve their physical appearance. They try to mend their lives through extreme diets, and expensive exercises and treatments. People spend a comparatively minimal time and effort trying to become more virtuous person. In the Apology Socrates pushes the early men of Athens to be more focused on creating the most healthy and best state of your soul before anything else. He encourages them to find this best state while living with the ideas of pursuit of wealth, reputation and honor in mind.

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