What Is the Value of a College Degree Essay

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What Is the Value of a College Degree

There are nearly 60 percent of all jobs in the U. S. economy require higher education today And also the wage are different between people who have bachelor’s degrees and people with only a high school diploma, it is nearly doubled form twenty years ago. So what is the value of college degree, there was no doubt that if you want to get a good job or high pay job. And there are some other benefits to higher education such as quality of life improvements that deserve to be come true, knowledge is power , knowledge is health life, and the last one higher satisfaction in jobs .

For all the benefits above, the fact is true because college degree upgrades our value. Today all economy working market require higher education, most of applicants are required to possess a college degree or above with related majors. So the college-educated people not only have higher earning than people without degrees, there are also have better health and retirement benefits with their jobs. And most of higher educated people are far less to be unemployed. Because the developing skills and expertise so there are better for the future development in jobs.

People with college degrees are more satisfy with their jobs. They are active in professional organizations and are widely recognized for their expertise. Studies conducted by the College Board and others have found that people who have completed college degree are not only more skill to handle mental challenges, but also have higher level of satisfaction to face the challenges. When study in college the new ideas, confidence, wisdom, integration and be good at life, the courage to open up.

You’ve accomplished something that no one can ever take away from you—knowledge. In addition to the mental situation most of people with higher educated also had higher socioeconomic status and good family income, expert career status that with better physical health and life expectancy. For example, there are lower level labors smoke than office worker, those with extended educations are more like to do exercise and take care their body. Learning about that” Wisdom is to the mind what health is to the body.

” Finally, one of the greatest benefits to having a college education is teach your children to have a better quality of life and pursue extended education themselves. Because when parents care about the kids’ education and have emphasized the importance of an education to kids. They also have a habit of to have better grades and exam scores. Leading by example and influencing is the driver to motivate advancement. So dedicate myself to Lifelong Learning and continually upgrade my talents and abilities is good for me choice to go back school in college.

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