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What is the study of human resource management? Essay

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Western Lodge has been functioning as a hostel for displaced people since 1923 through the Society for The Relief of the Homeless Poor which started its operation just about two hundred years ago. The Society started operation since 1819 as a reply to the requirements of the street homeless as a result of the Napoleonic Wars as well as Economic Depression. This makes This Society one of the oldest homeless organizations in London. The purposes of this scheme are to assist the homeless people in search of housing as well as employment.

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Western Lodge continues to go from strength to strength. The schemes offer temporary housing, care, and support for up to ten single homeless peoples from the age of 30 years and above at their newly renovated property in Tooting Beck. (www.westernlodgeorg.co ) The western lodge comprises of three members of the trustee, one manager. one deputy manager and one support staff and two-night concierge.

LO1 Task1
Human resource management can be defined as crucial and important method in which management of a business organisation most value asset – the human being working in the organisation who contribute massively in the direction of accomplishment of the organisation while Armstrong (2006) define Human resource management approach as a strategic and intelligible to the management of an organisation’s greatest valued assets, the people working there who independently and jointly contribute to the atonement of an organisational objective, and Boxall and Purcell (2003) define HRM as an integrated, strategic as well as coherent tactic to the employment and well-being of the employee employed in organisation. Human resources management nature can be described as an application of management policy or principle to the management of people within the company or organization.Henry Mintzberg acknowledged ten different characters which some managers perform in the business organization. A distinctive manager according to Mintzberg performance as a leader, spokesperson, monitor, resources allocator disseminator, liaison, figurehead, disturbance handler, entrepreneur. Human resources and management nature and scope are as below:

Managing change
Managing relationship
Job design

Reward management
Planning is the process of forecasting human resources organization may need to achieve its goal effectively and efficiently.The forecast uses internal strength and weakness including its structure, culture, technology, and leadership. Staffing is the process of putting the right staff at the right place of work as part of human management to achieve organization goal and objective. The key practice is human resources planning, job analysis, recruitment, and selection. Development is the process of identifying which particular skills or materials to make sure the employee is competent to perform its duty more effectively and efficiently or satisfactorily. Monitor is the job evaluation, performances, and job appraisal. The monitoring will help an organization to identify employee skill and knowledge in their individual area of work.

Maintain. This is administration and monitoring of workplace, health, and safety, welfare policies to retain a competent workforce and comply with statutory standard and regulation.

Managing relationship. This process is to encourage an employee to get involved in union and non-union activities within the organization. This will give the employee the opportunity to negotiate in term of employment contract and other social activities in the organization.

Manage the change. This role help organization to envision the future, communicating. This envisions setting the clear expectation for performance and development the capacity to reorganizing people and reallocate other resources.
Evaluating is the system of measure the contribution of the individual worker and communicate the result and add all component of human resources (HR) practice and the entire human resources system to the organization.

The best-fit approach draws attention to human resource strategies should be appropriate for content and circumstances of the organization. Best practice approach believes that we have different categories of human resources management theory that are common use in a different organization. These theories are questionable. Hard human resource management emphasis on the number of output gain in a used particular strategic aspect of managing human resource as alternative “rational “ away for any other economic factor. Soft human resource management treats the employee as the essential commodity. The theory believe employee is the source of competitive advantage through their commitment adaptably and high quality.

Workforce planning
Workforce planning is the process of forecasting the human resource management strategic plan to use at a particular time to achieve organization objective in a timely manner
Labor market
Labor market
Broadly speaking labor market can be divided into two categories
Internal and external.
Human resource planning process
(Based on Lewis, Pamela set all 2001)
Job Analysis


Recruitment →Selection


Performance Appraisal

In the western lodge, for instance, management set aside a unit call human resources as part of a functional unit in the organization. Human resource so important in the organization because it is in a position of managing the human (personal) aspect of the organization. Getting best-skilled candidate for the different position in a company will help the organization to achieve is ultimate goals. Western lodge review its Human resources policy more than any functional department in an organization. it reviews the recruitment policy and also on how to get best out of employee with adequate reward. P2- Using examples from your chosen organization, explain the strengths and weaknesses of different approaches to recruitment and selection. Recruitment and selection can be described as the focus on the attraction and identification and retention of staff. the main function of units is to identify from a pool of application outside the organization the organization while selection focuses on internal applicants. the recruitment process is focusing on the attraction of capable candidate to fill the vacancy position in the organization while selection concern about the assessment and identification of suitable of such applicant from the pool of applications. In another way, selection can be described as the process of interviewing and evaluating the candidate for a certain job vacancy and select an individual for employment base on certain criteria.Presently western lodge use selection process as means of employment to get best candidateю “Human resource management support the organization to achieving its goals by developing and implementing human resource strategy that is integrated with the business strategy” (Michael Armstrong, strategic human resource management, 2016).

The below are the main function of human resource management in every organization:
Maintain the change
Maintain relationship

Western lodge uses part of Human Resource Management function to achieve its primary objective. The objective of the western log is providing accommodation for homeless people within a particular age. This objective can only be achieved by a good practice of human resource management. The western log uses motivation strategies to get best out of the staff. The company has policy state that if you don’t call sick throughout the year. there are packages for such staff such as money and another gift. Evaluating, motivating, maintain the relationship. Explain how different HRM practices benefit the management and employees of your chosen organization [P3]. To achieve M3, you should identify and analyze the methods using appropriate models and specific examples of how they benefit both the employers and employees of your chosen organization. Evaluate the effectiveness of different HRM practices in your chosen organization in terms of raising organizational profit and productivity [P4]. To achieve D2, you should critically evaluate HRM practices and their application, within the content of your chosen organisation, using a range of specific examples and coherent and lateral thinking LO3 Analyse internal and external factors that affect Human Resource Management decision making, including employment legislation, Analyse the importance of employee relations in your chosen organisation with respect to influencing HRM decision-making. [P5] Identify the key elements of employment legislation and the impact it has on HRM decision making in your chosen organization. [P6] To achieve M4, you should evaluate the key aspects of employee relations and employment legislation in respect to influencing HRM decision-making with the application of relevant in your chosen organization. To achieve D3, you should critically evaluate the employee relations and the application of HRM practices that inform and influence decision-making demonstrating convergent/lateral/creative thinking in your organization.
P3 – Explain how different HRM practices benefit the management and employees of your chosen organization
Generally speaking Human Resource Management (HRM) can be described as following:

Organisation flexibility
Reward management
Training and development
Performance management
Broadly speaking Human Resources management function can be described below:
Employee relationship
Training and development
Compensation and benefit.
All these above practices serve as advantages to both employee and the management. I will like to use western lodge as the case study. Without Human resource team good strategy that goes in line with general organization goals, the western lodge would not have able to hire good if not best employing to feet in every department to work as a team to achieve organization objective.

A benefit to the management – Recruitment
Most of the people are ready to work for every organization once there is good reward such as salary, bonus and another benefit available. Also, every organization has vision, mission and primary objective. In other to balance the equation not everyone has the skills or knowledge require this is where human resources play the very important role. if organization get it wrong at this stage it would be difficult if not impossible for an organization to achieve its primary objective.

Recruitment can be described as the process of finding and hiring the best-qualified candidate (from within or outside of an organization) for a job opening, in a timely and cost-effective manner. The recruitment process includes analyzing the requirements of a job, attracting employees to that job, screening and selecting applicants, hiring, and integrating the new employee into the organization. (business dictionary) A different organization uses the different form of the recruitment process to hire its employee. currently, western lodge uses employment test method. Using as many as possible agency staff and select one with require sill and employ him or her on a permanent basis. Actually, the organization sees it as best practice but I would suggest the company should try selection method as means of employ their staff. Selection is the process of the interview and evaluates for a particular job and choice the suitable candidate for the position available in the business organization. selection can be simple or complicated . all depend on the policy and the size of the organization. for instance, western lodge hires as many as possible agency staff and select the best or the one has the missing skill within the organization. I see this as simple practice and this is due to the size of this organization. other big or large organization might consider using complicated selection method. The complicated selection method procedures can be described as follow :

Identification of post or vacancy
Identification of candidate or applicant require
Application form
Group assessment
The aim of recruitment selection are bellow
The process must be seen fair to all applicant
The process must be efficient and cost-effective
All the candidate should be treated equally. there should not be discrimination against any applicant
The process should be pooling of candidate with different skills.

Human resources management recommend to the western lodge to send the staff for periodical training and development. This will be at advantages to both staff and organization. the staff will have best and updated skills in the field to render best for the organization to achieve its primary objective. A benefit to both employee and organization – Safety at work. In the western lodge, human resources management make it mandatory to practice effective Health and safety at work. All the safety measure is follow accordingly. fire extinguisher is checked on regular basis. An alone working policy is working effectively. At long run organization will not pay compensation for not following basic rules of health and safety. P4 – Evaluate the effectiveness of different HRM practices in your chosen organization
Compensation is one of the human resource management practices in a western lodge. the compensation and benefit are always seen together, this demonstrates an understanding view who organization or employer their employee. The compensation itself offer a clearer picture of human resource management practice because employer wages is up to the 70% cost to the total cost which employer use to run its business according to the white paper produced by DB Squared for the world at work, an Arkansas – based compensation consulting and software development firm. Employee compensation is ‘an internally equitable and externally competitive philosophy and practice‘.

Training and Development

The western lodge takes training and development practice of human resource management functions. The practice includes the below; new-employee orientation, job skills training, leadership training and professional development. These activities improve employees’ job skills in their current positions and equip them with skills and expertise for cross-functional work that can increase their value to the organization. Indirect this will lead to increase in demand for western lodge service by a member of public or customers in general. Professional development supports an organization’s succession planning strategy by preparing future leaders for higher-level jobs and more responsibility. HR management training and development functions reflect promotion-from-within practices and support employees’ work goals.

P5 – Analyse the importance of employee relations in your chosen organization with respect to influencing HRM decision-making.
In the western lodge, we do have weekly and quarterly house meeting as part of the decision of human resources management. the decision helps the employee to relate more with one another and indirectly improve teamwork among the member of the staff.
Yearly employee appraiser as part of human resource management decision promote interrelationship among the employee.
Also, Strong employment relations create a pleasant atmosphere within the work environment, it increases the employee motivation, increase production, improve loyalty among the employee and can also be increased through improved employee morale. Western lodge have invested into employee relations programs have experienced increases in the service, and therefore the increased in quality service leads to increases in profits for the business.

Also in western lodge via the employment relationship, the conflict reduces to the minimum because most of the employee get on with one another. When a work environment is efficient and friendly the extent of conflict within the workplace is reduced. Fewer conflict results in the employees being able to concentrate on the tasks at hand and they are therefore more productive.All the research and statistics lead to one conclusion, ‘A happy workforce is a productive workforce’. Creating a sound and efficient work environment within the organization with good management and a strong employer-employee relation can be the important factor to any businesses success or failure.

P6- Identify the key elements of employment legislation and the impact it has on HRM decision making in your chosen organization.
United Kingdom labor law regulates the relations between workers, employers and trade unions. People at work in the UK benefit from a minimum charter of employment rights, which are found in various Acts, Regulations, common law and equity Contents

Contract of employment health and safety age regulation working time and child care occupational pension income tax and insuranceCivil liberties at workWorkplace participationTrade unions3.2Collective bargaining3.3Collective action3.4Information and consultation3.5Direct participationEqualityDiscriminationJustificationDisability and positive action typical workJob securityWrongful dismissalUnfair dismissalRedundancyUndertaking transfers and insolvencyUnemployment.

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