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What is the Relevance of Molecular Geometry

Categories: GeometryMath

Recently we have been learning and investigating molecular geometry in my chemistry class. My interest has been peaked in this class when my professor mentioned that drug effectiveness can be impacted by the molecular geometry of a particular substance. This concept made me think of you. When a particular drug you are running tests for is ineffective, one cause is the molecular geometry of the substances that compose that drug. Have you ever thought of altering the geometry of the substances you work with in order to improve the results of the tests you monitor?

This concept sparked my curiosity and so I did some independent research to find more information on why certain geometries are considered better.

I found that it has to do with the way in which those substances react with others. A favorable reaction would help with the effectiveness. I believe that this is extremely relevant to drug administration and formulation because as drugs are distributed into a body, the body must break down and react with the drug.

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If the substances in the body and the drug are not constructed with geometries that are compatible to create reactions, less of the drug will get into the bloodstream (or whatever part of the body in which it is needed), causing it to have less of an effect on the body.

This might also affect efficiency monetarily. If a drug is less effective it will be needed in a higher dose which will cost more to produce. On the other hand, if a drug is produced intelligently—that is, with a molecular geometry that is best suited for reactions—lower doses will be necessary, and the drug will be cheaper to produce and more accessible to a wider range of patients.

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This is such a key role in constructing medicines that in my research the company Bayer, which produces and sells a wide range of drugs, includes modeling molecules as the third step of creating effective medicines, outlined in their article called “From Molecules to Medicine” by Dr. Andreas Busch and Dr. Joerg Moeller. In this section of their article, they even mention fundamental chemistry topics such as lattice structure, electron density, and the three-dimensional molecular structure which are all topics I have had the privilege of becoming familiar with during this semester!

Although I am in no way an expert on molecular geometry or the production of medicines, I have quickly learned from my chemistry class and from a little research that molecular geometry can really affect medicines. It is one thing to hear Dr. Carpenter tell our class that molecular geometry has this relevance in pharmaceuticals, but it is wildly interesting and engaging to see how, and why this concept works, as well as see that professionals who actively produce drugs are using these CHEM 101 topics in their process.

I hope that this information excites you as much as it does me. Understanding the relevance of this concept has refreshed my excitement and desire to continue learning as much about them as I can.

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