What Is the Most Popular Sport in China and the Reason

There are various sports in the world, each with different characteristics and different styles. Each country will have its own sport, and this sport can represent a country. When people talk about a sport, the sport to which the sport belongs comes to mind. Just like when people talk about basketball or football, they all think of America, because American football and basketball are famous all over the world. Then what is the national ball of my country ‘China’? It’s a Ping-Pong ball.

It is also the most popular sport in our country.

I will introduce some information about Ping-Pong ball for you so that you can understand the movement. Table tennis is a game in which two to four players hit a light ball back at the table with a small racket. The game was played on a hard table separated by a net. With the exception of the first serve, the rules are generally as follows: the player must allow the ball to bounce once on his own table and must return the ball so that it bounces at least once.

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A point is awarded when a player fails to return the ball within the allotted time. Games are fast and require quick reactions (wikipedia.org). In China, people from children to old people like playing table tennis very much. In parks, old people will build simple table tennis to exercise. Table tennis is an essential exercise in Chinese gyms. Our teachers also teach us to play table tennis in our middle and high school PE classes.

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Even table tennis has become a required subject in high school physical education. We also get a lot of fun playing table tennis. Table tennis has little risk of injury and can train concentration and exercise.

If you had seen any table tennis match at the recent London 2012 Olympics, you would have seen that China was completely dominant. They completed their second clean sweep of MEDALS, winning each gold and two silvers. It’s gold in the men’s and women’s team events. Zhang Jike and Li Xiaoxia won gold in singles, while Wang Hao and Ding Ning won silver. In fact, after the 2008 Beijing Olympics, the format of table tennis changed to prevent China from winning all the MEDALS. Only two players are allowed to compete in singles, so it is impossible for only one country to finish on the podium. At the Beijing Olympics, China won gold, silver, and bronze MEDALS for men and women! (2012 Larcombe Ben. )Despite efforts by Japan and South Korea to catch up with China, As everybody knows, China still has won almost all the world table tennis gold MEDALS. In the early days of the founding of the People’s Republic of China, China wanted to prove that it could only do so in sports. In particular, Rong Guotuan won the 1959 world championship in singles, the first world championship for the People’s Republic of China. (Netease) Table tennis equipment is simple, from national leaders to ordinary people are playing table tennis, table tennis has gradually become a national entertainment. Because table tennis has become a national sport in our country, table tennis has gradually become the most popular sport in our country.

Table tennis has become the most popular sport in our country through the training of history. Table tennis is also a very good sport. I believe table tennis will be tried by more foreigners because it’s a great sport. In the future, table tennis will also have better and better development.

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