What Is the Most Hr-Related Problem Have You Encountered? Essay

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What Is the Most Hr-Related Problem Have You Encountered?

HRM is all about managing people. It is about managing a totally complex component of an organization. And if I were to measure the extent of an organization’s complexity, I would say then that it greatly relies on how big an organization is.

As one of the employees of a government office manned with approximately three hundred unique individuals, the most difficult problem I have encountered is related to pulling off the commitment of all employees towards the organization’s goal of getting the ISO 9001:2008 certification within six months.

Getting an ISO certification requires a lot of effort not just from me as the person in charge but an effort of the whole organization from the highest ranking to the lowest ones. When the idea of having the certification was first announced in our office, employees were resistant of the change because of the connotation that this endeavor is a totally exhaustive one. They associated ISO as something that would add piles of paper on their table, and moreover, as something that would subject them to evaluations and critiquing. To cut it short, they do not want to work with me towards the ISO certification. And this would mean an enormous catastrophe not just in my career but in the compliance of our office towards the priorities of the country’s leader.

After an in-depth study of what an ISO certification is all about, I devised a plan which the top management had approved immediately. I felt secured and confident knowing that the top management had given me their support and trust. The challenge for me now is on how will I gain the support and trust of my co-employees towards the organization’s vision of being ISO certified. In close coordination with the HR Manager, I organized series of trainings for all employees to inculcate to them the benefits of being ISO certified.

I had also explained to them the principles of ISO so as to correct their wrong connotation on it. After they have learned the principles of quality management, they realized the importance of continual improvement and felt that everyone has a role to fulfill towards the organization’s purpose. After each batch of training, I distributed pieces of paper where they can write their commitment. And to sum up their commitment, I can say that I was able to communicate well to my co-employees the journey that our organization would want to traverse. Although we are still on our way towards the certification, I am affirmative that the first few steps we made are the right ones.

Communicating to people in the organization truly pays a lot. You can reap their trust, you can impart learning, you can activate teamwork and innovation, improve productivity, and most importantly, you will be able to connect employees to strategies and values or providing a line of sight between organization’s goal and individual which increases organizational effectiveness.

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