What Is the Measure of True Honesty in a Person

None of us has the exact measure of his true honesty. Even less when generally daily life absorbs us in a series of monotonous events that are repeated day by day without major changes and challenges that allow us the possibility of more comprehensive growth. Most of us live each of the stages of our lives as a person thought by others, guided by the social, cultural, religious, political schemes that tell us the direction to follow. All of us at a certain moment in our lives find ourselves faced with temptation – each to a different degree or degrees – most are seduced by the possibility of moral and legal impunity, as in the case of the holder of the Ring of Gyges.

But can we hide from our own conscience? I really think not. Perhaps one of the fundamental columns of the entire philosophy of Socrates was the defense of morality and justice as the north of the life of men.

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I think this leads us to the need to accept your answer as plausible; honesty, morality comes at a price that not everyone is willing to pay. Socrates did it with his life. From the point of view of freedom – of social freedom in this case – for the oldest of us what leads us to behave well is not predominantly conviction but fear of sanction, criticism, and the legal consequence of what what we do – in the manner of Kant’s hypothetical imperative.

In the moral, in the truly moral, the conviction and the principles of the individual have more weight than the law itself.

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Socrates also demonstrated it at his trial, he preferred to die, rather than escape from his captors, he could actually do it, but he did not do it out of respect for the law and out of his own conviction to live life according to his righteous thinking. I think I interpret Socrates’ idea of the morally unsuccessful person as follows: Many people are likely to be frustrated to see how bad people live so well in front of others while good people live so badly. It is a mistake to interpret that we have to do wrong to do well. Whoever chooses the shortcut of the error to have an advantage over his fellow man will sooner or later fall under the weakness of his own trap. This could be one of the ways to interpret Socrates’ phrase. Perhaps the morality at times of the feeling of being something heavy and unfruitful, but whoever lives in it definitely lives as a truly authentic person and authenticity sooner or later pays off.

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