What is the meaning of life? Essay

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What is the meaning of life?

I have down several essays with this topic during my growth process. Each of them is different. By reviewing these essays I have down before, I get a conclusion that might be the answer to the question. Life is changing or moving, life is not invariable, experiencing changes in life is the meaning of life. When I was about 10 year-old, a primary school teacher asked me to write the first essay to explain what is the meaning of life. I did not write it very simple, I gave many answers to the question.

I thought there are many different lifestyles, and there is no single answer can answer the question. I did not know what the society is, how I wrote the second essay with this topic after I just entered junior high school. I forget what exactly I wrote down that time, but it should be a very big ideal, such as to be a successful scientist or businessman, like most Chinese students do. I was expected to be a successful businessman by my father, and I really liked economics during that time, I could not imagine I would study mechanical engineering in university.

The last essay was written when I was in high school. Chinese high schools are incredible strict, and there is no freedom, students have to study day and night, they cannot do anything else but study. I suffered a lot from that, so I wrote the essay with the answer that the meaning of life is freedom, people should do whatever they want, legally. I wrote this essay with great passion. I thought most Chinese schools should be burned since they keep destroying students’ creativity and self-esteem. However, I only wrote it with passion, there was no logical or fundamental thoughts in it.

It is more like a behavior that vent my anger. In conclusion, I think all the answers above I wrote to the question are right, there is actually no absolute answer for this question in general. Nevertheless, experiencing the changes is the most enjoyable and fantastic part of life. People who try to follow or find the meaning of life may live very toilsomely, but I cannot judge it right or wrong, everyone has different lifestyles, for me, I just need to open my mind, and experience every changes in my life. How fascinating life is!

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