what is sport? Essay

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what is sport?

Sports are varying in different kind from football, hockey, tennis or even horse riding. Involving animals in sports have been a controversial issue for recent years. As animals are often get unpleasant deeds from the trainer, others believe that sports involving animals should be banned, whereas some oppose that idea. Both arguments will be discussed in the following paragraph. For some community, animal sports seem interesting for the reward offered once the participants win the match, besides, not only financial but also emotional needs can be achieved. To oppose that idea, others may have different judgment and believe that animal sports are the cause of increasing animal death because of its violence. The main purpose of all types of sports is winning the competition and be a championship, same thing goes to blood sports. The participants of blood sports, as the other name for animal sports, are also aiming for the prize and pride when winning the competition. In other words, this type of sports has become a profession and may prosper someone’s life. For instance, the participants of horse riding have managed to be successful in the competition and rewarded a prize. Meanwhile, the audiences find the show really interesting and enjoyable.

On the other hand, the animals often get tortured and hurt while undergoing the process of training and in the worse case: they suffered then ended up in death. This issue brings up attention to the whole world in eliminating blood sports since they are also living creature. Take greyhound racing as an example; in this racing, the dogs are to pass through certain challenges. Whenever the dogs are not able to do it, they are being kicked and slapped. In this phase, dogs often lose their life. I personally thought that animal sports should be banned as the deprivations far outweigh the benefits. We, human, have to keep in mind that animals are also living creature that God has given us to welfare the world. Hence, we may not threat animals’ live by abusing and torturing them.

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