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What is Social Media Essay

Essay Topic:

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Social media is any website that permits social communication. Social media is developing speedily all over the world. More adults and teenagers are linking sites such as Facebook, Myspace, and Twitter to relate with friends, family, and strangers. The introduction of social media has reformed the world in many ways. It affects each individual in altered ways. Today it can be used as a very helpful instrument in altering a person’s life, but at the same time cause such struggles which can harmfully effect a person.

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While there are some negatives related with social media, the positives in communication all around, has made the world tougher and a well place to live in. I will not only emphasis on the negative influences on communication because there are some positive influences on communication through social media. I will discover how social media and networking supports and fails communication.
“Communication is defined as the act or an instance of communicating; the imparting or exchange of information, ideas, or feelings.” (Collins, 2009). “Communication involves the transfer of meaning or information from one person or group to others.” (Baack, 2012). It is an important part of everyone’s life.

Recent articles states that, “Facebook can also have a positive impact on young adults’ lives by helping them be more empathetic.” (Turgeon)
Despite the positives, there are many negatives linked with social media. Through social media can make a person more exposed to predators and cyber bullying. “In this age Cyber bullying is quite common, can occur to any young person online, and can cause profound psychosocial outcomes including depression, anxiety, severe isolation, tragically suicide.” (American Academy of Pediatrics). Cyber bullying impacts society in a negative way because it is spoiling young teenagers’ minds. Bullies, annoyance, threat, harass, and even embarrass their victims by using unlike forms of social media.

“Younger people are using mass communication without the without realizing the consequences.” (Wallis, 2012). There has been examples where young folks have committed suicide as the result of negative things that have been posted about them on the internet. Parental controls are available to ensure website are access that are unsuitable for certain age groups but they cannot defend young folks from what is being posted by their peers. Social media and networking is often used as a channel and peers can post things that are possibly hurting to others.
Additionally, social media can also lead to brain disorders plus can cause people to have a hard time interacting with people face to face. “Social networking entices people to spend more time online and less time talking to a person face to face.”(ProCon).
Qualman, 2009 states:
“Social media touches nearly every facet of our personal and business lives. In business, it is not just for Marketing and Public Relations department. Rather it is imperative for social media to be a part of the company’s overall strategy. Social media is living and breathing and it touches every part of a company from Customer Service to frontline sales, even Human Resources and Information Technology.” (p.13)

With the rise and development of social media there are benefits and drawbacks to the way communication is impacted. The real question is whether the benefits exceeded the drawbacks. I believe that the benefits of social media are helpful to the world and communicate. As with anything, there will be drawbacks and it will be used to do things that it was not originally planned.
Social media also allowed students to work with new technologies. Since students are becoming more aware using computers and other electronics devices.
From a promoting outlook, social media offers a great outlet for charities, businesses, and individuals to sponsor themselves. Social media can be used as an outlet for global organizations to bring alertness to the causes they support and spread positive news that traditional media often does not cover. In addition to making announcements more manageable through social media, these networks have helped substitute relationships and connect people around the world.

Social media also allows for self-expression and can serve as a creative outlet for individuals to precise themselves, share their creation and their opinion on specific topics. Being able to express yourself in a healthy way is very essential part of the human knowledge, and social media can be great opening for young adults.
An extra benefit to social media incudes following inspiring social media accounts, such as fitness or health inspired Instagram accounts, which can be motivational to followers.
While social media has greatly benefited society, too much of a good thing can always lead to negative effects.
Heavy technology usage leads to obsession, especially in teens and young adults. However, this obsession is not limited to the times generation, as more and more adults from older generations are starting to apply social networks to stay connected with their friends and families. Spending countless hours on the social sites can confuse the focus and attention from a particular task or assignment.

Social networking has now completely altered the way people interact in the world, but also it is evolving more to make it easier to access. Now social networking is becoming mobile and can be opened through the use of a cell phone. It is thought to be a great idea and would increase the use of social networking since a lot of people carry cell phones with them at all times. “People can use mobile phones to update their status, post comments, upload photos, send messages, and update profile from just about anywhere.” (Kharif, 2006). This permits people to be able to get things done as well as take some time to log onto social networks. Making social networks reachable through cell phones is also estimated to increase the number of users by a significant amount (Gillin). So far mobile social networking is being used more than social networking from pc computers. The top sites that are being visited using mobile phones are Facebook, MySpace, and Bebo. Being able to access social networks from the cell phone reveals the full potential of social network, and makes it more suitable for people to use. “Since it is more suitable to use the number of users has improved and the mobile social networking has increased knowingly.”(Hamblen, 2008).

Through my study I have come to the decision that although there are positive effects of social networking sites on youngsters, the undesirable outweigh the few that there are. Youngsters are at the age where they value their secrecy the most, yet they treat social networking sites like a private record. The result of doing so provides online predators enough information about their own lives to find them in reality. Sharing so much information could produce a gateway for cyber bullies to use that information in attempt to hurt them psychologically. Besides, the lack of development of face to face communication skills could be harmful to their future success. All in all I believe that youngsters should try to adore life more offline—without social networks since it will only help them immensely.


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