What is sense perception Essay

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What is sense perception

Nowadays perceptions is defined “the ability a human has to become aware of something though one or a combination of the 5 senses” to understand the sense perception we first have to know our 5 sense. Hearing, sight, olfaction, taste and touch. We must also understand how some people become aware if they are blind, if they lack in one or more senses, how do each of the senses might replace each other.

The somatic sensory system responsible for the touch senses we feel everyday. It gathers up thousands of information each day. The pain you feel when you from your tight shoes, the temperature of the room on which your on and the texture from an object. Even when your sleeping your somatic sensory system works, it processes information 24/7.

Your ear is responsible for the caption of another sense, hearing, your ear senses different sound waves and transmits it to the brain were there it is processed and converted into important information. Hearing is used as a way to communicate. In addition your eye is responsible for the sight, it detects different wavelengths which are different colors and transmits it to the brain which convert into images and this is how you can perceive the world the way it, but is it the real truth?

We can also analyze how olfaction work, when your olfactory receptor receives a message it send it to the brain which has a huge database of all the smells you have sensed during you life and make a connection with it, so your olfaction is directly connected to your memory, the last sense is the taste or also known as gustation is the sensation produced when a substance you eat reacts chemically with the receptor responsible to give the impression of taste (taste buds), there are five main fives of tastes , sweetness , sourness, saltiness, bitterness and umami, they make up all the senses of taste we taste everyday.

Many people believe that our sense of perception don’t give the truth of reality. In my opinion, our senses are accurate enough for the relative field of reality they can’t give 100% accurate knowledge of space and time. We can never know if the information is transmitted correctly by if we combine the senses we can make a link with our memory and compare them, our brain does it without we even noticing in less than a few decimals of a second.

One example is if we perceive an apple as round, smooth, red and sweet and another person perceives the same. we can assume that our sense of reality of that specific apple is correct. On this example the 5 senses works together, the hearing and touch detects that the apple is smooth, the sight its roundness and its redness but the sense of touch also detects its roundness (senses work together), our taste & olfaction sense detects its sweetness.

Our senses play and important role to express what is the real truth on the example above we can say that all those detections from the senses give the image of a red apple. If one person have a defect in one of those senses, for example the vision, this person could notice it is an red apple and not a green apple by its sweetness, a combination of all 5 senses make up the specific reality of that apple and any object we know.

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