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What Is Reality TV

Categories: Reality TV

Now, in today’s world, reality TV shows have high ratings on network television. Reality television has extraordinary qualities that can keep someone obsessed. It has Americans going above and beyond to the point where they are becoming hooked. Americans are compelled into watching the drama, fame, and publicity of famous actors.

Through the decades, television has made a drastic change in content. In the past, family-oriented TV shows were expected to be shown around the clock. Shows that contained explicit content were not to be shown on television, but today there’s no filter that will not be shown on television.

There are things shown late at night on cartoon channels that are not presented for anyone, let alone young children. Television programs have given children a false sense of what is expected in the real world and shorten their chance to mature. Television stars are not helping to shape our minds, but instead, they are making it difficult for us to learn what’s right from what’s wrong.

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People find interest in watching someone backstab or talk about their friends. The reality of it all draws out issues over a period of time to keep the suspense. Achieving this keeps our mind on edge. Some dramas are funny like people fighting. We are compelled to physical altercations. For some reason, they seem to enjoy the fact people make them look like fools. We like drama and that it isn’t taking part in our personal lives. That makes it more fun to watch.

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The lifestyle has Americans’ eyes stuck to a screen. The people on these shows seem to have it all; the flashy clothes, jewelry, and money. America also likes the club life. The TV show clubs represent how much fun one can have. These shows can show the glitz and glamour of people’s lives to get us watching. Americans love to see life lived wild and free. They buy whatever, no matter the cost. These are glamorous lifestyles that everyone wouldn’t mind having.

We love publicity. People go on these shows so their faces can be seen and shown off. They love the attention and the fact that cameras follow their every move. Reality TV is the quickest way to fame, but people should be careful because there are two kinds of publicity; good and bad. The fame lifestyle, publicity, and drama have us addicted to reality TV. This is how they get their ratings. They make shows that draw in people. It interests them and the obsession is the drama. No one wants drama in their lives, but this keeps Americans watching and coming back for more.

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