What Is Racism? Essay

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What Is Racism?

What is racism? Racism is a person who dislikes or hates another race or culture. This also means prejudice and discrimination. Racism started long ago even before slavery with the Africans or blacks. For an example, the Greeks and Romans didn’t like the Barbarians which were people who lived in northern Europe. They called them barbarians because they didn’t have the education or lifestyle the way the Greeks and Romans lived. Just like the white people called Africans; niggers, which the true definition is an ignorant person. Why, because we couldn’t speak english, or couldn’t read and write. But later, the term “nigger” became a definition of a black person which is part of racism. Different ethnic groups had they partake of racism and the learning about the fight of the Native Americans, African Americans and Jews; will give you a true definition of racism.

Native Americans also known as Indians were named that because; Christopher Columbus didn’t even know where he was. He thought he was in India but actually he landed on one of the islands in the Caribbean which now is called the West Indies. They say Columbus discovered America, how can you discover something if people (the Native Americans) already lived there? Which brings me to the next question, why do they call Indians, Native Americans if they were here first? America was named after an Italian navigator, named Amerigo Vespucci which the Spaniards honored him. (Amerigo Vespucci. (2011). Columbia Electronic Encyclopedia, 6th Edition, 1.)

The Natives, (there correct name) were intrigued and curious about the white man. But little that they know, there were disliked because of their culture and lifestyle. For an example you think the Natives and the Pilgrims had a feast together that’s why we have Thanksgiving. Yes, they were all there but the Natives were dead, because the Pilgrims were celebrating the victory of taking over there land and they killed them. But of course they teach that everyone was happy like a family and eating together, that is why we have Thanksgiving. Racism was part of this, because the Natives were different from the Pilgrims.

African Americans also called black or colored people; back in the early 1600’s, became slaves and hunted in Africa by the white man or sold by the leader of their village to them. After shipped to America on slave ships and shackled down like animals, the struggle to survive from the slave masters being whipped, tortured, or even killed was the start of racism in America for the African Americans. Even after President Lincoln freed the slaves, still trying to survive and make a life as they know it.

Still being called a nigger, a monkey, or a mud person and attacked by the Klu Klux Klan was examples of racism. Later in the 1960’s Martin Luther King Jr., a black minister; according to (Jackson, T. (2008). “Bread of Freedom”: Martin Luther King, Jr. and Human Rights. OAH Magazine Of History, 22(2), 14.) “he believed that abolishing classism has the same importance of fighting racism and militarism”. He tried to fight for our rights to vote and have better income. In 1968 he was shot to death because he, a black man was getting to powerful and this is another form of racism.

The Jews from the Holocaust were killed by the order of a German Nazi leader Adolf Hitler. He despised the Jews and he hated them. Hitler created concentration camps which were locations that he rounded up the Jews to keep them captives and most of them were murdered. Jews were criticized and made fun of by the Germans. Artwork illustrating a Jewish person who had a big nose and this was posted everywhere. There also were slaves or prisoners and were forced to work on projects like building railroads.

All of these groups of people had their share of racism. The hatred of others is unbearable. The Caucasians and against the African and Native Americans, then you have the Germans against the Jews. We came along way even though there is still racism out in the world but we the people are protected by laws from the government. All types of people have equal rights now.

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